Second part of our deepening about Villa Demidoff. After the introduction of the villa and its history, now we talk about Paul Demidoff and we intorduce the park. 




Joseph Fritsch was also responsible for the destruction of the Villa, which occurred in 1820 after an explosion. The park, property of Leopold II, was sold to the Russian prince Paul II Demidoff in 1872. Under the Demidoff family, a wealthy family of Russian industrialists now established in Florence, the surviving buildings of Pratolino, such as the stables, the chapel and the farm, were renovated and a new villa was built from the ancient “paggeria”.




The real attraction of Villa Demidoff, however, is the park. Seventy-eight hectares of greenery containing many works of extraordinary beauty, such as the “Maschera Fishpond”, the “Cupid’s Grotto" by Buontalenti, the Chapel where the last princess of the Demidoff dynasty is buried and also the most famous one, the "Appennine Colossus" by Giambologna. Besides those masterpieces, we can also find some very old trees such as oaks, oaks, cedars and horse chestnuts.