Quality of Life in Florence one of the Best Cities in Italy


Besides tourism and culture, Florence is also characterised by its amazing quality of life.

This is the result of a study made by the most famous economic newspaper of Italy: not only Florence, but almost every city in Tuscany has reached excellent results for what concerns the quality of life. 

Tuscany is proved to be an happy island where people live better than in the northern regions (where, in fact, there are many famous and rich cities such as Milan, Trento and Trieste but also many places in critical economic situations).

One of the factors that make Florence a prosperous city is for sure its culture as well as its tourism, which is constantly growing and which  has an enormous effect on the general wealth.

quality of life in florence

The leaderboard of the quality of life in Italy is the result of the sum of all the other leaderboards regarding 6 important and big sectors: wealth and consumption, work and innovation, environment and services, demography and society, justice and wealth, culture and leisure.

Florence excels in culture and leisure, mainly thanks to its tourism sector (the average outgoings for tourists in Florence is second only to Venice), but also thanks to the great number of people who play sports and to the many onlus associations which are constantly creating opportunities to have fun and learn. 

For what concerns Tuscany in general, this region is full of cities which are on top of the leaderboard. First of all Siena then again Florence, Livorno and Arezzo. As the leaderboard of the quality of life shows, Tuscany can be considered an Happy Island.

Last but not least, we can’t forget to mention the Tuscan countryside, which is considered one of the most beautiful in the entire world and which is absolutely ideal for living.