Florence Wins the International Chocolate Awards

A florentine patisserie has won the International Chocolate Awards, like last year the bakery “Pistocchi” of Florence has won this important prize.

This victory doesn’t surprise anyone because it confirm the great ability of this patisserie to produce confectioneries.

Florence wins international chocolate awards

So, Florence, as well as being a leader of food tourism in Italy, has now become also the capital of chocolate of the world.

“Pistocchi” has won two awards in this competition: the gold medal with dragées with raisin, a sweet made with milk chocolate, bitter almond and salt. The other prize arrived for another dragée made with pistachio, white chocolate, salt and a special orange powder.

It’s not te first time that “Pistocchi” win this award: in 2016 this bakery won another “gold medal” with a cake made with rhum and raisin, which was awarded with “the triple M.M.M.”, a premium allocated by judges of the event to the best patisserie product.

Florence and Tuscany are famous all over the world for their food products like: typical soups, cold cuts, cheese, wines, Bistecca alla Fiorentina, ice creams and, for some years, of chocolate&sweets.

Despite chocolate isn’t a originating product of Italy, italian confectioners have specialised in the working of this raw material and Florence has reached the best results, as confirmed by recent awards won.

The secret of the success of the bakery “Pistocchi” is the passion for their work, done with handcrafted methods and a carefully choice of the raw materials.