Uffizi Virtual Tour in the Project Google Arts and Culture

Uffizi virtual tours will soon be available thanks to a partnership with the Project Google Arts and Culture. The direction of the Uffizi Gallery museum is one of the first partners which have given the availability to the giant American web to participate in the project “Google Arts & Culture in the world.”

Uffizi in Google Arts and Culture

The project “Google Arts and Culture” provides the opportunity to see through their own online channels the 73 masterpieces that are kept at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

Among the works that will be visited by the Uffizi virtual tour is “The Birth of Venus” by Sandro Botticelli, a famous opera in all the world, considered the symbol of the 400 Italian painting.

Thanks to the high-definition digital imaging technology, will be possible for virtual visitors admire details to details with all the tranquility and attention through the screens of their devices.

The announcement of the collaboration between Goggle and the Uffizi Gallery museum was given to the edge of the "Digital Meets Culture" a meeting organized to address issues relating to the cultural heritage and the different aspects that involve the union between culture and digital world.

Even the Uffizi Gallery director, Eike Schmidt, said his enthusiasm for accepting the summit Digital Meets Culture, highlighting the role that the Uffizi have always had as a center for research, education and sharing of art and culture in general.

The Summit objective is to highlight the possibilities that technology offers to the artistic and cultural heritage, the new digital channels, which well managed can be a unique opportunity to learn more and to arrive to a great number of people the presents masterpieces, not only in Florence, also in all Italy.

The partnership with Google is one of the ways to spread culture and interest of the art world, a system that could contribute significantly to increase the charm of Florence and its tours of the art places.

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