Geographic Location and Weather in Florence

Florence is surrounded by a hilly area, which extends over most of its surroundings, the weather in Florence is different than the one of the city, the hilly outskirts of Florence record colder conditions during the winter and more enjoyable during ' summer.

weather in florence

Snow and wind are not commons elements of weather in Florence; this beautiful Italian city is located in a shelter position against inclement winter weather. In winter Florence is not often hit by wind and snow, neither by the rain, even when it rains in many areas of Tuscany.

During these months, the hills around Florence offer protection but in the summer also cause an sticky weather because of the poor ventilation. The weather in Florence can be considered temperate and pleasant along most of the year, this fact allows tourist to visit the city in a pleasant way and to admire the fantastic works of art in Florence.

The goodness of weather in Florence it has testified by its long history, as long as this place was chosen along time ago to be a great area to be inhabited and to create a flourishing city.

In addition, of its privileged geographical location Florence can count on the great river that once allowed Florence create a rich commercial trade route that beginning in the hinterland arriving to the sea area to communicate with faraway countries across the maritime trade routes.

The moderate weather in Florence and its outskirts has made possible since the antiquity different productions, as concerns crops and cattle. These particularly favorable conditions have allowed the city to have a fast development in comparison to other realities and to turned since the middle ages into an example of civilization for the whole Europa.

In the past Florence has developed an important textile trade that has allowed the development of important realities such as Prato, which is today an important center of textile production.

The wine production is another excellence that has been possible thanks to the temperate weather present in the hills of Florence, from the past these areas were grown for special grapes suitable for wine production.

Thanks to the special care to the cultivation of these grapes, today Tuscan wines are among the most popular in the world and they are served in restaurants around the world.