Ancients Villages Around Florence

Florence with its historical centre is not the only thing that attracts millions of tourists in this gorgeous city of art every year. Around the city, on the beautiful Tuscan hills, there are many ancient villages around Florence which are places of historical and artistic interest.

Actually, not only the areas all around Florence but the whole Tuscan territory is scattered with these ancient villages.Often these areas are destinations of tours recalling the ancient paths that were used by many travelers arriving in this glorious city.

Ancient Villages Around Florence

The majority of these ancient villages also around Florence house good inns and restaurants which offer old Florentine and Tuscan dishes with great Tuscan wines. The quality of these wine and food products is so high that specific tours are organized daily to let tourists discover these excellences that, together with gorgeous landscapes, represent the best a tourist can expect while visiting Italy.

Some of these ancient villages around Florence hide important art treasures: for example, the famous village of Vinci, known as the birthplace of the great Leonardo. In Vinci you can find the Museum of Leonardo collecting many machines and instruments invented by this Renaissance genius himself.

The medival Castello della Nave is another important attraction in Vinci. Inside, important emblems and the beautiful Giovanni Della Robbia's ceramic sculpture Madonna col Bambino are conserved.

Another village which is worth a visit is Certaldo. Its main attractions are the house of the great Boccaccio where you can find a library specialized in editions of the famous book "Decameron". Other interesting placese to visit in Certaldo are Saints Jacopo and Filippo Church where it is possible to admire some Della Robbia's tabernacles and the frescos inside Palazzo Pretorio and Saints Tommaso and Prospero profane Church.

A visit to Certaldo must include a walk in its historical centre characterized by the presence of chapels, towers, artisan workshops, ancient buildings dating back to the XIV and XV century and the ancient city walls.