New Year Eve in Florence

New year eve in Florence is an event not to be missed. This beautiful Renaissance city is one of the favourite touristic destinations not only at New Year's Eve but all year long.

The presence of tourists in Florence is always high: millions of visitors all over the world every year come back home enthusiastic about the artistic beauties that they could admire in few square kilometers.

Just one of the monuments of the city would be enough to justify a visit to Florence.

new year eve in florence

New year eve in Florence is a spectacular moment: a huge number of people joyfully crowd the sqaures and streets of the historical centre.

In the main areas of the city centre parties and big stages are set up to host important singers hired by the Florentine district to entertain the Florentines and the many tourists all night long.

In addition to the events organized by the municipality, there are a lot of places where it is possible to spend the New Year's Eve in Florence: clubs, pubs and bars give the chance to drink and dance until late night.

There are also many opportunities to spend the New Year's Eve in Florence tasting local specialties. Restaurants prepare excellent big dinners that go on even after midnight with typical food and excellent Tuscan wines.

As every year, there are also many parties for those who want to spend the night outside the historical centre with music and big dinners, usually organized in ancient villas many of which are located on the hills all around Florence.