Florence Duomo Museum has acquired three Renaissance Sculptures

Florence Duomo Museum has acquired three important sculptures that already belonged to the Florence cathedral until the XVI century when the Medieval façade of the Church was demolished.

duomo sculpture by Arnolfo di Cambio

They are three important renaissance sculptures: a marble statue of an Apostole by Arnolfo di Cambio which was previously on the ancient façade of the Cathedral and two small marble angels by Tino di Camaino.

duomo sculpture by Tino di Camaino

The three artworks bought by the Florence Duomo Museum were put on sale during the International Antiques Biennal, which takes place every two years in the beautiful Corsini Palace.

During its last edition, the presence of works having a very high value for the city of Florence was pointed out. Thanks to this highlighting, the Opera del Duomo administration tried to start the negotiations to buy these chefs d'oeuvre belonging to an important Florentine family.

Thanks to the availability of the Torrigiani family, the owner of these masterpieces, the Opera del Duomo Museum managed to buy the statues at a lower price than the initial one proposed during the Antiques Biennial of Florence.

The sculptures are now exhibited in the monumental complex of the Cathedral of Florence: the Apostole by Arnolfo di Cambio is in the Paradise Room inside te reconstructed Medieval façade of the Church while the two angels by Tino di Camaino are in the Room of the Naves.

The purchase was welcomed with enthusiasm by the director af the Opera del Duomo who considers these works as a very important part of the artistic heritage of the Cathedral.