The Aleksandrov Ensemble at the Florence Opera Theatre

The Aleksandrov Ensemble will perform on November 7 at the Opera Theatre of Florence, a world famous event due to the importance of the Orchestra which has been defined as "an authentic treasure of the global art".

The Aleksandrov Ensemble will perform at the Opera Theatre of Florence, one of the most famous of the world. The orchestra consists of more than 400 artists such as musicians, singers and dancers. Fifty of these artists have been even awarded with the prestigious honor of Emeritus Russian Artist.

Aleksandrov Ensemble

The Aleksandrov Ensemble was founded in 1939 to raise up the morale of the Sovietic Army exhausted by the War. This big orchestra succedeed in acquiring growing popularity performing in more than 7000 shows in front of more than 20 million people.

The director of this legendary Russian orchestra is General Viktor Eliseev: thanks to him the Aleksandrov Ensemble acquired global fame with a musical repertoire made of different melodies from the patriotic, folkloristic, classic, pop and modern tradition, completely interpreted in a very contemporary way.

The Aleksandrov Ensemble was present in very important historical events such as the exibition for Pope John Paul II in Rome, the investitures of Russian Presidents like Boris Eltsin and Vladimir Putin, the opening of the Olymoic Games of Moscow in 1980 and of Sochi in 2014.