The Fifth Edition of the Art and Restoration Florence Exhibition

The Fair will be held at the Fortezza da Basso from 9 to 11 November 2016. The fifth edition of Art and restoration Florence exhibition will be connected with the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Florence Flood of 66.

Art Restoration Fair in Florence

Given the importance of the 50th anniversary of the Florence, the V edition of the Art and Restoration Florence Exhibition will have a great preview at the Cenacle of Santa Croce. A place where you can admire the great "Last Supper" by Giorgio Vasari.

Art and Restoration Florence Exhibition

This masterpiece was one of the most affected works during the flood of 66. At the time the painting was exhibited in the Museo dell'Opera di Santa Croce, which was flooded the most, because the museum is just few tens of meters away from the river.

The restoration of the "Last Supper" by Giorgio Vasari is an important testimony to the great work of restoration done on this masterpiece of immense artistic value. The work was, in fact, damaged beyond repair as estimated after flood of Florence of 66.

In 2010, thanks to the international cooperation between the Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence and the Getty Foundation of Los Angeles, difficult recovery path was started, adopting the most innovative restoration techniques.

This great work of restoration is the miracle. It managed to bring back the original beauty of the Last Supper of Vasari. The restored work was exhibited to the public in 2014, during the III edition of Art and Restoration Fair of Florence.