50th Anniversary of the Florence Flood

The Florence flood of 66 now seems a distant event, almost forgotten, but is brought back to the timetable and attention of the events this year, because it is the anniversary of 50 years.

For the 50th anniversary of the Florence flood of 66 many events in the city will be held. Organized to remember tragic days, many exhibitions, debates about restored art as a result of the damage suffered by water and mud from the Arno River.

Florence Flood 50th Anniversary

One of the most significant events for the anniversary of the Florence flood of 66 is the exhibition in Palazzo Medici Riccardi called "The Beauty Saved". In this important historic building will be exhibited damaged and subsequently renovated, restored in many cases to their original beauty works of art.

On this occasion the effects of the flood will be presented , the complex work of restoration and recovery, and the whole context of salvation of the beauty of important works.

Another exciting event will be the gathering of the beats or otherwise called 'angels of the mud' - angeli del fango, to be held in the Salone dei Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio.

Flood of Florence 1966

The authorities want to thank in an official way for the people that during the flood of 66 in Florence came to the rescue of the city. Because of them many works of art were promptly removed from the Arno water that had invaded the old town of Florence.

There were thousands of volunteers who 50 years ago ran to help Florence and its population, bringing a fundamental support not only to the rescue of the works but also to people, homes, businesses and everything that was hit by the flood.

Among the events taking place this year, the anniversary of the flood of Florence of 66 will be happening, an event aimed to real contribution to the security of the rivers in Italy.

Florence Flood Arno River

There will be meetings held of all the mayors of the big cities in all region of the river, so called the landslide risk. On this occasion the National Italian Secure plan will be published , which is aimed to promote the works and actions necessary to avoid or lessen the risks of flooding.

Florence before the flood of 66 was a very different city from what it is today. Much has changed, besides the solid beauty of the city that stays majestic at the time, a resistance that bears witness to how much care, passion and ability the Florentines have put in the past creating such fine works as until nowadays after centuries protecting the future of Florence.

Today more than ever, Florence lives regarding its past, the presence of tourists in the city have increased exponentially. Many come from other continents, Florence today has greatly increased its popularity in the world than at the time of the flood, thanks also to the mass media and new digital media.

The flood of Florence of 66 remained in the DNA of the Florentine, especially on rainy days when the Arno swells... many people give a passing glance at the river with feelings of awe.