Free Florence WiFi

Florence is a city that hosts millions of tourists from around the world. A condition that makes it necessary for those visiting Florence have the ability to connect to the Internet so to communicate with relatives, friends or even for business reasons.

So it makes sense for a city to offer a free WiFi connection, that can be used for free by tourists and residents. Free Florence wifi is available especially in the historic downtown area and in some of remote areas.

Florence WiFi

To connect to the free Florence wifi there is no need for registration or password. Anyone can connect to the network called FirenzeWiFi. Despite the fact that use of WiFi in the city of Florence is free, it is still distributed by certain restrictions.

They serve primarily to prevent exaggerated use by individuals in order to distribute equally the service for everyone. The limitations of FirenzeWiFi consist of a maximum of 300 Mb per day. Although this limit is not sufficient for use of multimedia applications, but is still enough for the use of smartphone applications that provide services for VoIP, email and social networks.

The free Florence WiFi is certainly not up to American or northern Europe standards, but is still one of the best examples of free Internet with regard to the Italian city. Epecially because in the areas of the historical center of Florence connection is multiplied by the large number of tourists.

The capital of Tuscany once again demonstrate being an example of an open city to changes and attentives, adapting to the needs of those who visit Florence. This was one of the first examples of distribution of free hot spots offered by the city without the need of password and prior registration.

Despite no need for prior registration or password and the use and security of Florence wifi will be monitored by recording the identification number of the individual devices according to current Italian laws.