Ferris Wheel in Florence

Ferris wheel in Florence is located at the beginning of the Cascine Park, for now it is just a temporary observation wheel, which was placed during the "Festa dell'Unità" a party held every year in Florence.

Ferris Wheel in Florence

The Ferris wheel of Florence is not comparable to a fixed wheel like the London Eye, which has become a symbol of the English city. Nevertheless, taking a ride on the current carousel you can still enjoy some wonderful views over Florence impossible to see from another place.

In recent years the Ferris wheel seems to have become an attraction of great interest. So the Florence town seems to be interested in making permanent installation right there in the huge park of the Cascine.

The idea was also confirmed by the current communities that have already created a carousel in Reggio Emilia. Surely there are no need for more art attractions in Florence, but the idea of ​​creating a Florence Eye is definitely original and would complement a type of tourism that is currently in short supply especially in the city area around the historic center.

A wheel of seventy meters located in the Cascine Park would give the opportunity to offer both the Florentines and the many tourists visiting Florence an original panoramic views. This would give further prominence to the beauty of the city of Florence and to many of its monuments.