Artistic Heritage in Florence

Priceless and unique artistic heritage is present in Florence. This great inheritance comes from the important past of this Italian city, which for centuries has been an example of culture and civilization for the whole Europe.

Even today, those who visit Florence finds in the city artistic and architectural works created during Renaissance. Various artists, who found themselves ideal conditions to practice their ingenuity, made these works. Before and with the opening of the first banks in Europe some Florentine families accumulated great wealth with commerce, thus this allowed to the city to create many majestic works.

These important monuments still impress visitors by their size and for the skilled hand they were made. Today in modern times Florence is not one of the richest cities in the world, the economic downsizing of the city is also followed a reduction in the ability to engage in the construction of new works that can stand comparison with the monuments of the past.

Florence Artistic Heritage

The last work worth of noting, created in times that are more recent is the Piazzale Michelangelo. Architect Giuseppe Poggi in honor of the great artist Michelangelo built this place in 1869. The success recorded of the Piazzale Michelangelo was that it actually is present in the itineraries of international tour operators. Every day a large number of tourists visits this terrace of Florence where they can enjoy a spectacular view of the city and its monuments. The city has completed the panoramic square when Florence was the capital of Italy. In these times were executed many other works that partially changed the appearance of the historic center of Florence.

These works served to bring the city to the new function of capital in order to modernize the urban structure of Florence and embellish the appearance. The work changed profoundly in some areas of the city and not all agreed on the adequacy of some changes made in that period. All these works of "restoration" of the city were the last major investment dedicated to the creation of architectural works of the same level which were made in Florence ever. All works made later were with the sole function to adapt and modernize the city to the modern lifestyle.

Unfortunately, not for the needs of the modern world, but for the lack of major economic resources compared to the past, Florence is not able to create monumental works worthy the fame nowadays. Despite this, Florence remains one of the most important cities in the world from an artistic point of view and one of the major capitals of the European culture.