Villa Demidoff presents many wonderful piece of heaven in its garden. Let see  ajor attractions of the park.



The cave, built by Bernardo Buontalenti in 1577, is today devoid of original ornaments, lost over time. But we have many ancient descriptions that represent it as a wonderful construction, entirely covered with sponges and decorations: fountains, water games, statues (the Cupid one gives the name to the cave). Enclosed by an artificial hill, today the Grotto has a plexiglass shelter to protect its entrance. It is surmounted by a small vaulted structure supported by six pillars, also covered with sponges. The cave is composed of two rooms: the largest one has a triangular shape and an entrance at the base, while the other one is located on the opposite vertex and it hosts a fountain. The lighting is given by the entrance, by two openings in the vault and by a further well of light on the top protected by a lantern. Both rooms are entirely covered with sponges, while the floor is in cobbled; six seats delimit the inner perimeter of the main compartment.



Walking around in the park you can come across different works: The “Maschera Fishpond”: it was originally a swimming pool for hot baths, completely restored and reopened by the Demidoffs. «The Chapel by Buontalenti»: built by Buontalenti in 1580, it is the only structure that hasn’t undergone changes over time. Next to the outside Loggia there is the burial of the last Demidoff Princess. «The Large Aviary»: finished in 1580, in 1788 it was dismantled and taken to Boboli. What remains was restored by the Demidoffs. At the center of the aviary there is the “Cupid and Psyche” statue by Marco Bagnoli (2010). "New Farm and Stables": the main body was built by Buontalenti between 1579 and 1580 and it has preserved its original form until the early 1800s. Then it was modified.