When i was young, Saturday was the day of the grocery-shopping. My parents brought me and my brother to the San Lorenzo market. I was a kid and, for me, walk through these stands surrounded by voices of food sellers who invited people to buy from them, was incredible for me.

A fragrance of cheese and meat crowded my nose. This market not was only a place to buy food, but it was also a place where people talked and joked, passing the morning together with friends. Our tour was always the same: a step from the cheese shop, then to the butcher and, later, we moved on the 2nd floor, where there were greengrocers with their mountains of fruit. When we finished to buy everything, we moved toward our car but not before to do breakfast with a Lampredotto sandwich from Nerbone, the historical tripe seller of Florence. After this delicious meal, we returned to home.

Today, the market of San Lorenzo it’s changed: it become similar to a restaurant. There isn’t the same atmosphere of the past but, if you come to Florence, you must go there to taste some typical and delicious Florentine meals. Surely, this is a place to visit!