On January 22nd has begun the rimotion of The Big Clay sculpture made by Urs Fischer, after four months passed in the middle of Piazza della Signoria in Florence.

A lot of people called it “suited to a dump” or “a rubbish”. The Big Clay by the swiss sculptor Urs Fischer has been one of the most controversial works: scared tourists asked to us if this sculpture was permanent and florentine people watching it hoping that pidgeons doing their job (!).

This sculptur was installed in September to celebrate the launch of the “Biennial of Antiquities” of Florence and the Fischer’s exhibition in Palazzo Vecchio. Along with this sculpture, were exposed, near to the Neptune’s Fountain, also two “wax men” of the same author.


The Odissey- In recent days, The Big Clay was vandalized with red paint; instead, one of two wax men came down few weeks earlier, causing the rage of Fischer, who filed a lawsuit accusing the municipality of Florence guilty to built the sculpture in the wrong way. So, more than a artistic exhibition, it has been an odissey. Surely, The Big Clay won’t be regretted, but the debates around this sculpture will be difficult to replicate and to forget.