Florence Dome Ancient Floor Returns to Shine


A piece of great value makes his return to the Florence Dome, but we are not talking about Brunelleschi’s dome or about a masterpiece of the Museum of Florence’s Dome.

We are referring to an extraordinary testament to ancient Florentia, an Early Christian multi-coloured mosaic which is now located in the old Church of Santa Reparata in Florence Dome.

The ancient floor displays a magnificent peacock, a Christian symbol of the resurrection, and an epigraph with the names of the donors of the mosaic.

Florence Dome Ancient Floor Returns to Shine

The long restoration was conducted by the restorers of the Opera of Santa Maria del Fiore: this great team has been perfectly able to bring back to light the mosaic’s figures.

Hexagons, lozenges and Solomon's knots are the symbols shown in the amazing mosaic, which constituted also the first pavement of the Church of Santa Reparata, built in the fifth century after Christ.

The Church was located in the centre of the ancient Florence and it was split into three naves separated by two rows of columns, the peacock emblem was situated in the centre of the main nave.

The ancient Church of Santa Reparata went through different transformations, especially during the Romanesque period, when it was raised and modified with the insertion of seven pillars on each side.

The Church was also decorated with numerous frescoes and it had the function of a  burial place until it was demolished to build the new Cathedral (the famous Florence’s Dome).  Some mortar was used to emphasise the mosaic (after being carved and painted, mortar is, in fact, the most similar material to the original glue).

The first archaeological excavations started in 1974 and lasted 10 years, then in 2014 we had the realization of a new exhibition itinerary that develops chronologically, starting from the Roman ruins until the Early Middle Ages. 

The restoration was realized by the Opera of Santa Maria del Fiore in collaboration with the Superintendence with the aim of improving the use of the monuments of Florence’s Dome, including the Church of Santa Reparata.