Handcraft in Florence

Florence is full of culture, we know, but this issue it’s not just about art and museums. In addition to the famous landmarks of the city, Florence has also an ancient handcraft history and florentine craftsmen are imitated all over the world.

The most famous zone for handcraft in Florence is San Frediano: here, there are many craftsmen who still create their products using the same techniques of the past.

Handcraft in Florence

Although the Florence tours visit the famous places located in the city center, the “Oltrarno” zone it’s one of the most characteristic places of Florence.

There, anyone can see the “real face” of the city and walk through alleys, where towers and small shops unfolds, thereby creating a magic atmosphere.

Other than that, there are many restaurants and wine stores, where taste traditional dishes and high-quality Tuscan wines.

Today, many foreigners come to Florence to learn handcraft techniques from our artisans or they enrol to one of the many handcraft school in town.

These schools teach many types of technques, from the carpentry to the leather art, in which florentines stand out.

Another famous art of Florence it’s jeweler. Indeed, this art has been developed over the centuries, rendering Florence one of the most important cities in Europe.

The commercial activity of Florence rendered the city very rich and full of gold, so this technique has developed better than in other places.