Misteries of Florence

Florence is a full-culture city with a rich history and it is full of misteries. For centuries she has been the center of the Medieval and Renaissance period.

As well as famous artworks of the city, Florence has an ample literature about legends and mysteries.

The main city of Tuscany has been the crossroad of different cultures, where many artists have found there the ideal environment to vent their creativity and scientists have made major scientific discoveries.

A lively city with many secrets inside. Even today, many mysteries are still unsolved and they are stored inside the walls of palaces or outside, in the street.

misteries of florence

Palazzo Vecchio it’s one of the most mysterious places in the city. Indeed, in the room called “Camera d’Ercole”, there is a painting depicting the Nativity of Christ, where has been drawn an oval disk, similar to UFO, which seems to watch over the sacred icons.

But mysteries of Florence affect many other places.

For example the ancient church of San Miniato al Monte, near to Piazzale Michelangelo. Built around the year 1000, this basilica was constructed on the foundations of an old sanctum of the VIII century.

This sanctum was built in the memory of the first martyr of the city. Legend has it the martyr usually came in Florence to pray and meditate, but during the period of persecutions against Christians, he was beheaded.

Story goes that, when it happened, his body stood up from the floor, took up his head and went to the place where, some years later, was constructed this sanctum.

The basilica of San Miniato it’s full of symbols which refer to legends, like the Holy Graal, and esoteric numbers. Inside the church, there is also the famous marble Zodiac, which expresses the relationship between Christ, Sun and human.