Japanese Renaissance in Florence the “Land of Renaissance”

In Uffizi has opened an exhibition on japanese art of 1500. A presigious location for this exhibit, because Uffizi are one of the most visited museum in the world.

Japanese artworks are exposed in the Uffizi’s Library and one of the scopes of this appointment it’s to show similarities between two different art styles of the same period: the Renaissance.

These japanese paintings are made on paper, folding screens and sliding doors. Artworks are very brittle and it’s really difficult see them in japanese museums and temples, where are usually stored. In Uffizi, these 39 artworks will be exposed rotating to protect them from the light.

Japanese paintings are of the period between 1400 and 1600, which is the period of the Muromachi age and Edo’s period.

Muromachi’s art is inspired by the Zen Philosophy: an essential and linear art, influenced by chinese monks. A poor art kind, which wants reproduce a poor lifestyle. Edo’s art, instead, is based on the traditional japanese art and wants exalt the life, so it’s colorful and extremely precise.

Japanese art in Uffizi wants to celebrate the 150 years of friendship between Italy and Japan.