San Frediano in Florence is one of world’s coolest neighbourhoods


San Frediano is a neighbourhood on the other side of the river Arno and because of its features, it separates from other areas of the city.


This picturesque quarter of Florence, is the result of thousands of different souls that despite their differences live together, the famous Lonely Planet website has proclaimed San Frediano one of world’s coolest neighbourhoods.



San Frediano in Florence is one of world’s coolest neighbourhoods



Walking through San Frediano we are covered by the popular atmosphere of some streets that interchange with noble streets, in this area we can bump into workshops, famous and important historic buildings, noble palaces in which some historical Florentine families still live today.


We can see ancient towers from medium age that can be visited nowadays or are offices of historic activities.


In the popular streets we can admire various activities and next to workshops that have always produced unique objects, in San Frediano neighbourhood we can find the typical clubs that take life at sunset and are an attraction for the lover of happy hour and cocktails.


This side of the Arno which is called “Oltrarno” is an area characterized by the presence of historic activities that carry on the great artisan Florentine culture: carpenters, art conservators, cobblers are only some of the artisan workshops that distinguish San Frediano.



Borgo San Frediano is Cool



In this area there is “via Maggio”, it is the most important street of antique dealers, where we can find some important works of art of a such high-value that can’t be sold out of the Florentine borders.


San Frediano is also the neighbourhood of typical Florentine restaurants and trattorias, here you can find historic restaurants that contributed to grow the celebrity of the great Tuscan food and its eccelent wines.


In addition to all of these features, oltrarno is also favourite for its night life, its clubs and historic squares. One of the most popular squares is certainly Santo Spirito where besides restaurants, too there are clubs where you can drink a classic Tuscan wine or a cocktail.


The thousands of souls that live in Oltrarno area are always capable to light it up making it a neighbourhood loved by everyone.


The different activities make San Frediano of the most dynamic quarter of Florence and probably of the whole world. Lately this particular feature was approved by important player of the tourism sector such as Lonely Planet that classified San Frediano as one of world’s coolest neighbourhoods.