The Restoration of Cosimo de Medici's Comodo

The Comodo is an environment that today could be the equivalent of a bathroom with sauna located in Palazzo Vecchio beside the Hall of the thirteenth century.

The Palazzo Vecchio is the political center of Florence since the Middle Ages, inside the palace were built to host the prestigious atmospheres illustrious rulers of the city.

The Restoration of Cosimo de Medici's Comodo

The restoration of Comodo's Cosimo is going to be Realized thanks to the collaboration of Geberit Pozzi-Ginori, Which sponsor this initiative.

The restoration of Comodo Cosimo is part of the FLIC "Florence I Care" program. Through this program the city council of Florence will offer to private companies the opportunity to sponsor the restoration of art works of public interest.

The Comodo Cosimo is located near by the Hall of the thirteenth century, at the flat staircase, where Cosimo's neighborhood was located, this room was decorated by Marco da Faenza with grotesques and stuccos Already used in the other rooms. Marco da Faenza symbolize scenes from the history of Eros And Psyche's Apulei.

The Comodo has the structure of a renaissance. heater, These spaces comparable to modern saunas.were Particularly popular and appreciated in the Renaissance. by noblemen and lords. The Comodo was present in the most important of the palaces. this period.

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