Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition in Florence

A spectacular Leonardo da Vinci exhibition will be open in Florence at the church of Santo Stefano al Ponte near to famous Ponte Vecchio, the exhibition will remain open on October 8, 2017.

Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition in Florence

This exhibition is dedicated to the great genius of Leonardo da Vinci, who was a scientist with his plans to change the future of science in an era where the technology did not exist to give life to the futuristic machines.

This Leonardo da Vinci exhibition in Florence will not be traditional event, but will use modern methods of communication and languages, including the most spectacular images and videos projected on large screens.

Leonardo da Vinci Wings

These projections are characterized by hundreds of high definition images and high definition video embellished by the extended soundtrack in Dolby Surround.

During the exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci, several models of machines designed by the great scientist are exposed, among these are great historical models like the wing for the manned flight of nine meters of opening suspended in the middle of the corridor.

In the didactics section of the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition there are reproductions of codes and designs of the great scientist, to enrich this part of the exhibition is the application Da Vinci Digital VR Experience that allows visitors to have a spectacular 3D view through Of the technological Oculus viewfinder.

This technology allows you to move virtually in the Leonardo tank and interact with its mechanisms, as well as surfing with rowing boat designed by the visionary scientist.

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