Episode of Criminal Minds Set in Florence

An episode of the famous American television series "Criminal Minds", which is popular beyond borders, is located in Florence, history takes inspiration from the facts of the Monster of Florence.

Criminal Minds in Florence

These events actually occurred a few decades ago in the rural area dev around Florence, these places were the scenes of a series of blood crimes repeatedly committed against young couples in search of intimacy.

These facts of the crime were of great international importance for the cruelty and for the great number of crimes that took place in those years, by such facts was found guilty to Mercatale, a farmer.

In fact, some believe that such crimes could have been committed by one person, all this has created a great mystery about the story that many people believe in Florence and that remains unresolved.

The television series in question is called "Criminal Minds Beyond Borders" and is a spin-off of the original series that now reaches its twelfth edition. Both series are broadcast on the famous US channel CBS, while in Italy the episodes are broadcast on RAI and Sky channels.

It will be the second episode of the second season of television to see the FBI profilers to deal with the stories inspired by these crimes that took place in Florence, this episode wants to tell the story of what is considered one of the most notorious murderers In Italians of our time, so much so that to give the idea of ​​the hardness of this story American authors have decided to call this episode "the monster."

The FBI criminal minds team will be sent to Florence to investigate the deaths of two American students in Florence, in the episode two American students were detained for privacy in the hills near Florence, where they were murdered.

 The episode of the television series Criminal Minds that tells the story of the monster of Florence, was issued in the United States in March 2017, it is not yet known the date of broadcast in Italy but seems to take place in the coming months.