Top Gardens in Florence

With the arrival of summer, visiting the gardens of Florence is almost a must, some of these are true monumental gardens adorned with statues and works of botanical architecture worthy of the most important rulers of the Renaissance.

Top Gardens in Florence

Thanks to the care and perfect conservation some of these gardens can still be seen by the Florentines and the many tourists who visit Florence. Listed below are some of Florence's most infamous gardens.

Boboli Gardens:

The Boboli Gardens is undoubtedly the most outstanding example of historical parks in Florence, both for its beauty and for its great extension. The gardens of Boboli, which extend in front of the famous Palazzo Pitti, is a mixture of beauty, nature and Monumental works of great artistic and historical value.

Garden Villa Bardini:

The garden of Villa Bardini is one of the most beautiful gardens in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčOltrarno, from this place you can enjoy a spectacular view of the privileged center of Florence. The park of Villa Bardini is a true paradise and has been chosen as the stage by film and television directors.

Rose Garden:

The Rose Garden is located on the hill of San Miniato and is a good example of a sculpture park. This garden has a privileged position as it also has a roof terrace with views of Florence, from where you can admire the most spectacular monuments of Florence. The name of this garden comes from the many varieties of roses today, there are more than 300 varieties of roses grown in the interior.

Giardino dell 'Iris:

Another garden very visited by tourists in Florence is the spectacular Iris garden located in Piazzale Michelangelo, the garden was created in honor of this flower in the middle of the last century and can be visited by appointment only for a few days a year.

Botanical Garden:

The Botanical Garden is located in the heart of Florence was built in 1500 for the cultivation of medicinal plants, is one of the oldest gardens in the world and contains ancient trees, as well as an endless variety of ancient roses and a large collection of plants that Are still the object of study and interest in scholars around the world.

Le Cascine:

The Cascine is the most important of Florence Park, this park is popular among the Florentines because they are looking for relaxation and is the true green lung of the city. The Cascine stretches for approximately 160 hectares and was one of the most important properties of the Medici during the Renaissance.