The Palatina Gallery in Florence will be the next location of Gucci

The Palatine Gallery in Florence will be the next location of the prestigious fashion show Gucci, the event will take place in Florence May 29, 2018.

After several years in which the fashion house Gucci had left Italy to organize prestigious events Of all "foreigners" such as the Art District of New York in 2015 and the cloister of Westminster Abbey in London in 2016.

Palatina Gallery next location for Gucci Event

The Palatina Galleries of Palazzo Pitti halls have never been used until now for a fashion show, this is the first time that it is contextualized within a collaboration between the prestigious Florentine fashion house, the Uffizi Gallery and the city of Florence, which offers financing of the Gucci company of two million euros for the restoration of Boboli Gardens.

To this generous donation must be added the cost of renting the Palatina Gallery, in which Gucci will spend 200,000 euros.

The decision to return to Florence to show the world her collection is the daughter of the director of the creative style of the fashion house Gucci, which is in Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Even the generous funding that will be donated for the restoration of the gardens of Boboli, wants to return to its former glory this monumental Renaissance garden that is among the most beautiful and visited in the world.

The famous Florentine label, in spite of the change of ownership, remains close to the city of origin, as proof of this only recalls other initiatives of the Gucci fashion houses, such as the project to improve the tapestries of the sixteenth century in the room Of the 13th century in the Palazzo Vecchio and the destination of half the price of the ticket of the Gucci Museum, which is intended to finance the protection of the treasures of the city of Florence.

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