G 7 of Culture in Florence

The first G-7 of the culture will be held in Florence on 30 and 31 March. It will be an event of great importance that will count with the participation of the seven ministers of culture of the participating countries.

The ministers will meet in the city of Florence, known as the cradle of rebirth to discuss common themes relating to the protection of the world's artistic heritage and the use of various cultures as an instrument of dialogue among people.

g7 of culture in florence

The choice of Florence is not something to chance, the historic center of Florence has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, a prize won by the great concentration of works of art and monuments of this beautiful Italian city.

The organization of the G7 in Florence offers in addition to the meeting between the ministers of the participating countrie, another date that will have the presence of an important intellectual by country.

In parallel with the G-7, in Florence will be organized cultural and artistic initiatives of great importance, such as the Palazzo Vecchio exhibition of the Chimaera of Arezzo, this fantastic Etruscan work will remain in the old palace until 27 April.

This unique artefact of Etruscan art is found in the room of Leon X, in this room also was exposed the Chimera of Arezzo at the instance of Cosme I de Medici first in the sixteenth century, after its unexpected discovery.

On the occasion of the G7 in Florence will be on display a copy of the arch of Palmyra in Piazza di Signoria, a copy of the arch of Palmyra in Piazza Signoria that will remain in place for a month, from March 27 to April 27 and it will be built to symbolize the recovery and reconstruction of works that are considered world heritage.

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