Florence Perfumes

Thanks to its glorius past, Forence is known and admired throughout the world for the beauty of the masterpieces that mainly houses in the historic center of the city.

Walking through the historic center of Florence you can admire unique mansions, monuments and works of art of incalculable value, such beauty often threatens to overshadow many other arts which in Florence reached levels of excellence.

Florence Perfumes

Among the many excellences that there is, there is one that is not well known by the majority of tourists who visit Florence, this excellence is the art of making perfumes.

The tradition of Florence perfumes, started with the courts of the Florentine nobility during the Renaissance, in that period the perfumes in Florence were used for personal use and for environments frequented by the nobility.

The height for perfumes of Florence was in the 500 years, when Caterina de’ Medicivmoved to the French court, bringing with her his perfumers who capivated the tastes of the French nobility , because of that the whole world know the skills of Florentine perfumers.

The tradition of Florentine perfumes continued arriving until the present day thanks to antique shops and historic activities such as the Santissima Annunziata Pharmacy founded in 1561, the Ancient herbal St. Simon of 1700, the Spices of the Palazzo Vecchio, and other activities that have managed to combine the tradition of the perfumers of the past with modern requirements requested by the perfume lovers.