Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition in Florence

A spectacular Leonardo da Vinci exhibition will be open in Florence at the church of Santo Stefano al Ponte near to famous Ponte Vecchio, the exhibition will remain open on October 8, 2017.

Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition in Florence

This exhibition is dedicated to the great genius of Leonardo da Vinci, who was a scientist with his plans to change the future of science in an era where the technology did not exist to give life to the futuristic machines.

This Leonardo da Vinci exhibition in Florence will not be traditional event, but will use modern methods of communication and languages, including the most spectacular images and videos projected on large screens.

Leonardo da Vinci Wings

These projections are characterized by hundreds of high definition images and high definition video embellished by the extended soundtrack in Dolby Surround.

During the exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci, several models of machines designed by the great scientist are exposed, among these are great historical models like the wing for the manned flight of nine meters of opening suspended in the middle of the corridor.

In the didactics section of the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition there are reproductions of codes and designs of the great scientist, to enrich this part of the exhibition is the application Da Vinci Digital VR Experience that allows visitors to have a spectacular 3D view through Of the technological Oculus viewfinder.

This technology allows you to move virtually in the Leonardo tank and interact with its mechanisms, as well as surfing with rowing boat designed by the visionary scientist.

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Florence Museums Book Tickets

Florence attracts millions of tourists, it is one of most famous city of art in the world for its museums, monuments, historic palaces and churches.

From may until september there are many people in touristic zone central, the streets and places are are full of tourists, many of them attracted by the important museums that are in the historic center of Florence.

Florence Museums Book Tickets

During high season long lines of visitors are formed at the entrance of the most important museums such as the Uffizi and Accademia gallery of the Academy, People often have to wait hours to admire these important Florence museums.

For this reason during high season in Florence is better to book museums tickets in advance, in this way we can optimize the time we spend in this beautiful city full of things to see and do.

To book tickets museum in advance we have to decide date and time so you can even get into the crowded museums without waiting, this type of museum tickets has an additional cost but will save us a lot of time.

If you prefer to pay the normal cost of tickets and be free from appointments prepare yourself for the lines and look for the best way to spend the time to get into the museum.

If you visit Florence during low season probably you found lines at museums shorter, in this period you can do your Florence tours without the problem of overcrowding in museums and the rest of the city.

But if you visit Florence only for few hours it's better book your museums tickets in low season too, So you will not miss the little time available to visit other places in Florence.

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Episode of Criminal Minds Set in Florence

An episode of the famous American television series "Criminal Minds", which is popular beyond borders, is located in Florence, history takes inspiration from the facts of the Monster of Florence.

Criminal Minds in Florence

These events actually occurred a few decades ago in the rural area dev around Florence, these places were the scenes of a series of blood crimes repeatedly committed against young couples in search of intimacy.

These facts of the crime were of great international importance for the cruelty and for the great number of crimes that took place in those years, by such facts was found guilty to Mercatale, a farmer.

In fact, some believe that such crimes could have been committed by one person, all this has created a great mystery about the story that many people believe in Florence and that remains unresolved.

The television series in question is called "Criminal Minds Beyond Borders" and is a spin-off of the original series that now reaches its twelfth edition. Both series are broadcast on the famous US channel CBS, while in Italy the episodes are broadcast on RAI and Sky channels.

It will be the second episode of the second season of television to see the FBI profilers to deal with the stories inspired by these crimes that took place in Florence, this episode wants to tell the story of what is considered one of the most notorious murderers In Italians of our time, so much so that to give the idea of ​​the hardness of this story American authors have decided to call this episode "the monster."

The FBI criminal minds team will be sent to Florence to investigate the deaths of two American students in Florence, in the episode two American students were detained for privacy in the hills near Florence, where they were murdered.

 The episode of the television series Criminal Minds that tells the story of the monster of Florence, was issued in the United States in March 2017, it is not yet known the date of broadcast in Italy but seems to take place in the coming months.

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Top Gardens in Florence

With the arrival of summer, visiting the gardens of Florence is almost a must, some of these are true monumental gardens adorned with statues and works of botanical architecture worthy of the most important rulers of the Renaissance.

Top Gardens in Florence

Thanks to the care and perfect conservation some of these gardens can still be seen by the Florentines and the many tourists who visit Florence. Listed below are some of Florence's most infamous gardens.

Boboli Gardens:

The Boboli Gardens is undoubtedly the most outstanding example of historical parks in Florence, both for its beauty and for its great extension. The gardens of Boboli, which extend in front of the famous Palazzo Pitti, is a mixture of beauty, nature and Monumental works of great artistic and historical value.

Garden Villa Bardini:

The garden of Villa Bardini is one of the most beautiful gardens in the area of ​​Oltrarno, from this place you can enjoy a spectacular view of the privileged center of Florence. The park of Villa Bardini is a true paradise and has been chosen as the stage by film and television directors.

Rose Garden:

The Rose Garden is located on the hill of San Miniato and is a good example of a sculpture park. This garden has a privileged position as it also has a roof terrace with views of Florence, from where you can admire the most spectacular monuments of Florence. The name of this garden comes from the many varieties of roses today, there are more than 300 varieties of roses grown in the interior.

Giardino dell 'Iris:

Another garden very visited by tourists in Florence is the spectacular Iris garden located in Piazzale Michelangelo, the garden was created in honor of this flower in the middle of the last century and can be visited by appointment only for a few days a year.

Botanical Garden:

The Botanical Garden is located in the heart of Florence was built in 1500 for the cultivation of medicinal plants, is one of the oldest gardens in the world and contains ancient trees, as well as an endless variety of ancient roses and a large collection of plants that Are still the object of study and interest in scholars around the world.

Le Cascine:

The Cascine is the most important of Florence Park, this park is popular among the Florentines because they are looking for relaxation and is the true green lung of the city. The Cascine stretches for approximately 160 hectares and was one of the most important properties of the Medici during the Renaissance.

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Charles of England in Florence at Palazzo Vecchio

Florence April 2017, Charles of England and his wife Camilla Parker Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall were invited to the gala dinner organized in her honor at Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.

Charles of England in Florence at Palazzo Vecchio

After a very tight schedule, on Monday, April 3, a dinner was planned at the Palazzo Vecchio where the keys were handed out, a prize given only to the most famous people.

The gala dinner was served in the prestigious Salone dei Cinquecento, decorated for the occasion, the prince could contemplate the Palazzo Vecchio in all its splendor, as well as the beautiful bronze statue of the Chimera of Arezzo, in front of Palazzo that will remain there until The end of April.

During his speech, Prince Charles also emphasized the friendship and good relations that have always existed between Italy and the United Kingdom, highlighting the excellent relations that have been deeply consolidated in all fields: culture, business, education, innovation and research. Even sports.

Carlos of England was awarded with the prize "Renaissance man of the year" given by the Palazzo Strozzi.

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The Palatina Gallery in Florence will be the next location of Gucci

The Palatine Gallery in Florence will be the next location of the prestigious fashion show Gucci, the event will take place in Florence May 29, 2018.

After several years in which the fashion house Gucci had left Italy to organize prestigious events Of all "foreigners" such as the Art District of New York in 2015 and the cloister of Westminster Abbey in London in 2016.

Palatina Gallery next location for Gucci Event

The Palatina Galleries of Palazzo Pitti halls have never been used until now for a fashion show, this is the first time that it is contextualized within a collaboration between the prestigious Florentine fashion house, the Uffizi Gallery and the city of Florence, which offers financing of the Gucci company of two million euros for the restoration of Boboli Gardens.

To this generous donation must be added the cost of renting the Palatina Gallery, in which Gucci will spend 200,000 euros.

The decision to return to Florence to show the world her collection is the daughter of the director of the creative style of the fashion house Gucci, which is in Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Even the generous funding that will be donated for the restoration of the gardens of Boboli, wants to return to its former glory this monumental Renaissance garden that is among the most beautiful and visited in the world.

The famous Florentine label, in spite of the change of ownership, remains close to the city of origin, as proof of this only recalls other initiatives of the Gucci fashion houses, such as the project to improve the tapestries of the sixteenth century in the room Of the 13th century in the Palazzo Vecchio and the destination of half the price of the ticket of the Gucci Museum, which is intended to finance the protection of the treasures of the city of Florence.

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The Adoration of the Magi by Leonardo Return in Uffizi

Florence, "The Adoration of the Magi" restored again in the museum of the Uffizi Gallery. After 5 years and a half of restoration they have managed to return the colors and restore the damaged parts of this important work of Leonardo da Vinci.

The "Adoration of the Magi" is the largest unfinished work of art that the great Leonardo da Vinci made between 1481 and 1482.

The Adoration of the Magi Return in Uffizi Gallery

The restoration of this work of Leonardo da Vinci was a complex work which has taken over the prestigious laboratory of the Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence.

The first phase of the restoration was characterized by a series of precise diagnostic tests that allowed to focus on the damage of the painting, after the complex analysis began the delicate work of restoration.

Such restoration work has been possible thanks to the generous contribution of the Association of Friends of the Uffizi.

To celebrate the return of the "Adoration of the Magi", an exhibition titled "The Magical Universe of Leonardo da Vinci: The Adoration of the Kings restored" will be held at the Uffizi Gallery, the exhibition will take place in the rooms of the first floor of the gallery and can be visited by the public from 28 March to 24 September.

Along with the work of Leonardo da Vinci,it will be exposed the version of "Adoration" by Filippino Lippi in 1946 ; this work was commissioned by the monks of San Donato, who thought that Leonardo was not going to be able to finalize his work, and he sent Lippi another, so as not to remain without his "Adoration".

After the exhibition, the work will be moved to the new room dedicated to the works of Leonardo da Vinci, on the second floor of the Uffizi, along with other masterpieces such as the "Baptism of Christ" and the "Annunciation".

The difficult task of restoration of this work lasted five and a half years, a record time for a work of this type, the decision to restore the painting was taken urgently due to the severe and progressive confusion of the pictorial surface, which was making impossible Admire the painting.

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Florence in New York Event

"Florence in New York", this is the name of the event that will gather in the Big Apple from May 15, 17, 2017 to the best crafts and food in Florence.

The event "Florence in New York" was organized by the Vasari Consortium; this organization was created precisely with the aim of helping small and medium-sized enterprises in Florence and Tuscany gain greater importance in foreign markets around the world.

Florence in New York Event

The "Florence in New York" event includes a series of exhibitions, events and meetings with operators from around the world. This event will be an opportunity for those important companies in Florence and Tuscany who wish to gain international visibility.

The fair will be carry through a floor of a skyscraper in the Wall Street areav,this important event was organized thanks to the availability of the Italo-American Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the Region of Tuscany, the city of Florence, The "Association of Confartigianato, Confindustria, iBridge".

The first event of the exhibition "Florence in New York" will be the performance of the standard bearers of the Florence historical parade, to this spectacular event will be followed by a dinner of typical Tuscan products and a concert.

From a business point of view, the fair will offer a series of specific workshops on the economic system of the United States, as well as a series of meetings with Italian and American operators.

During the event many different master craftsmen in Florence will demonstrate their skills in creating their works so visitors can see the process of creating their works of art.

This event is destined to be a meeting point between the international interest in the art of Florence and the many offers of this type that Florence and Tuscany are able to achieve with the highest quality standards.

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Florence Point of Information

A new Florence point of information has borned in the square of the Station of Florence, a very strategic location, wa part from being next to the most important train station of the city, is located near the main places of artistic and cultural interest of Florence.

Florence Points of Information

The new Florence point of information will have a telephone channel and an email dedicated exclusively to tourism and cultural information. In this new tourist information center you can also rent wheelchairs and data translators for the hearing impaired. The Information Center of the station will be a new service to make easier the permanence of the millions of tourists that arrive to the city every year.

The Florence information point of the station is equipped with large screens to provide the appropriate advice to visit Florence, this new point of information has been realized thanks to a loan obtained through the project "Experience of Florence", created by the city of Florence.

Among the new features in the new information point of the station is a service that answers the questions of visitors from around the world, this can be done through the phone number "055 000".

The staff is prepared to respond to any tourist information in five languages, the service will be available from 9:00 to 19:00 every day of the week.

The service also counts on an email to access through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email address can be written in nine languages, which are: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese , Japanese, Russian and Arabic.

These channels of communication will also be added a whole series of other services such as 20 short films made in the chart of movement guides that will be distributed through the official social network.

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G 7 of Culture in Florence

The first G-7 of the culture will be held in Florence on 30 and 31 March. It will be an event of great importance that will count with the participation of the seven ministers of culture of the participating countries.

The ministers will meet in the city of Florence, known as the cradle of rebirth to discuss common themes relating to the protection of the world's artistic heritage and the use of various cultures as an instrument of dialogue among people.

g7 of culture in florence

The choice of Florence is not something to chance, the historic center of Florence has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, a prize won by the great concentration of works of art and monuments of this beautiful Italian city.

The organization of the G7 in Florence offers in addition to the meeting between the ministers of the participating countrie, another date that will have the presence of an important intellectual by country.

In parallel with the G-7, in Florence will be organized cultural and artistic initiatives of great importance, such as the Palazzo Vecchio exhibition of the Chimaera of Arezzo, this fantastic Etruscan work will remain in the old palace until 27 April.

This unique artefact of Etruscan art is found in the room of Leon X, in this room also was exposed the Chimera of Arezzo at the instance of Cosme I de Medici first in the sixteenth century, after its unexpected discovery.

On the occasion of the G7 in Florence will be on display a copy of the arch of Palmyra in Piazza di Signoria, a copy of the arch of Palmyra in Piazza Signoria that will remain in place for a month, from March 27 to April 27 and it will be built to symbolize the recovery and reconstruction of works that are considered world heritage.

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Florence Biennale LAB

Florence is a city full of museums and monuments that are a valuable heritage inherited from the great past that this Italian city has enjoyed.

In addition to its artistic heritage, Florence is an open city and available for events of contemporary art of various types; there are many events and exhibitions of various types of art that are held every year in various parts of the city.

A space that Florence offers to accommodate various types of art, is Florence Biennale LAB.

Florence Biennale LAB

Florence Biennale LAB is a new multifunctional space that fits every need and occasion, the rooms of this place are available for book presentations, conferences, business and educational meetings, art exhibitions and other events.

In addition to being available to those who request it, Florence Biennale LAB will be the official space of the fair of the international contemporary art exhibition, which will be held from October 6 to October 15, an exhibition that celebrates its twentieth anniversary.

The presentation of this new multifaceted space is scheduled for Saturday 11 March 2017, for the occasion there will be a selection of contemporary works of art by Italian and foreign artists.

The new space consists of three different areas: a dining room that can accommodate up to 50 people, a room that can accommodate up to 40 people, as well as an outdoor area with private garden ideal for cocktails and aperitifs outdoors.

Florence Biennale LAB is located in an area easily accessible by tram, bus and train, this versatile space is close to the historical center of Florence and the central station of Santa Maria Novella.

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Florence Perfumes

Thanks to its glorius past, Forence is known and admired throughout the world for the beauty of the masterpieces that mainly houses in the historic center of the city.

Walking through the historic center of Florence you can admire unique mansions, monuments and works of art of incalculable value, such beauty often threatens to overshadow many other arts which in Florence reached levels of excellence.

Florence Perfumes

Among the many excellences that there is, there is one that is not well known by the majority of tourists who visit Florence, this excellence is the art of making perfumes.

The tradition of Florence perfumes, started with the courts of the Florentine nobility during the Renaissance, in that period the perfumes in Florence were used for personal use and for environments frequented by the nobility.

The height for perfumes of Florence was in the 500 years, when Caterina de’ Medicivmoved to the French court, bringing with her his perfumers who capivated the tastes of the French nobility , because of that the whole world know the skills of Florentine perfumers.

The tradition of Florentine perfumes continued arriving until the present day thanks to antique shops and historic activities such as the Santissima Annunziata Pharmacy founded in 1561, the Ancient herbal St. Simon of 1700, the Spices of the Palazzo Vecchio, and other activities that have managed to combine the tradition of the perfumers of the past with modern requirements requested by the perfume lovers.

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Florence Tabernacles

The tradition of Florence Tabernacles has its roots from the two hundred year, at that time spread so widespread sacred images in many places in Florence.

The tabernacles in Florence were designed to give protection to the heresies and against the evils of that time as the Black Death or murderous events that were followed because of the disputes that used to happen.

Tabernacles in Florence

These artistic representations of sacred images were very important not only for Florentines, also for anyone happen to the city for the most diverse reasons, at that time the prayer was considered one of the most effective remedies to overcome difficult moments.

With the arrival of the Renaissance, the Florence tabernacles increased significantly thanks to the birth of the workshops formed by great artists such as Luca della Robbia and Donatello.

These artists started to make the tabernacles from an artistic point of view, which were ordered by wealthy civil or religious corporations eager to show to the population the social and economic power.

The realization of Tabernacles in Florence, as in other places of Italy, was very appreciated by the population, for the comission, that works of art was one of the most direct ways to gain the consent of the people who felt reassured by their presence.

Even today the tabernacles in Florence are in the streets and squares of the city, many of these are of careful restoration work items that have reported these works of art to their original splendor.

Among the latest tabernacles restored of Florence there is a representation of the Madonna and the Child accompanied by four saints and the images of two donors , this important work of religious art risides in Piazza del Carmine in the Oltrarno district.

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Uffizi Virtual Tour in the Project Google Arts and Culture

Uffizi virtual tours will soon be available thanks to a partnership with the Project Google Arts and Culture. The direction of the Uffizi Gallery museum is one of the first partners which have given the availability to the giant American web to participate in the project “Google Arts & Culture in the world.”

Uffizi in Google Arts and Culture

The project “Google Arts and Culture” provides the opportunity to see through their own online channels the 73 masterpieces that are kept at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

Among the works that will be visited by the Uffizi virtual tour is “The Birth of Venus” by Sandro Botticelli, a famous opera in all the world, considered the symbol of the 400 Italian painting.

Thanks to the high-definition digital imaging technology, will be possible for virtual visitors admire details to details with all the tranquility and attention through the screens of their devices.

The announcement of the collaboration between Goggle and the Uffizi Gallery museum was given to the edge of the "Digital Meets Culture" a meeting organized to address issues relating to the cultural heritage and the different aspects that involve the union between culture and digital world.

Even the Uffizi Gallery director, Eike Schmidt, said his enthusiasm for accepting the summit Digital Meets Culture, highlighting the role that the Uffizi have always had as a center for research, education and sharing of art and culture in general.

The Summit objective is to highlight the possibilities that technology offers to the artistic and cultural heritage, the new digital channels, which well managed can be a unique opportunity to learn more and to arrive to a great number of people the presents masterpieces, not only in Florence, also in all Italy.

The partnership with Google is one of the ways to spread culture and interest of the art world, a system that could contribute significantly to increase the charm of Florence and its tours of the art places.

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Calcio Storico Fiorentino

The Calcio Storico Fiorentino (historic Florentine football) is still today a very important event to the city of Florence with many citizens warmly participating.

The tradition of Calcio Storico Fiorentino consists in three matches in which four teams, belonging to the historic districts of the city, confront each other: the Whites of Santo Spirito, the Greens of San Giovanni, the Blues of Santa Croce and the Reds of Santa Maria Novella.

Calcio Storico Fiorentino

The Calcio Storico Fiorentino was born in Florence during the XVI century and it is a mixture of football, rugby and wrestling. It is still practiced in an ancient square set up as it was in the Renaissance and using historic costumes.

The teams of the four Florentine districts compete one against the other during two semi-finals and the final when the winner is proclaimed.

The Calcio Storico Fiorentino was invented by the richest classes living in the Florence of those times: for this reason it initially was an exclusive of the aristocracy. At the beginning the event took place before the Epiphany and the Lent.

Instead, today it takes place in June together with other events such as a big parade involving the joyous participation of hundreds of people dressed in Renaissance costumes.

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Opera of Duomo Museum in Florence

The Duomo Museum in Florence has become now one of the most exciting tours of Florence after its recently renovation and expansion. The new Opera Duomo Museum it extends for 5500 meters, this great area is the result of the old museum's superficies plus the area that used to be the old Theatre of the Intrepidi.

opera of duomo museum in florence

The point of strength of the Workshop of the Cathedral of Florence is the important master pieces keeps inside but also the majesty of the complex. An amazing set of architectural masterpieces such as Brunelleschi's Dome, Giotto's Bell Tower, the Baptistery and the Cathedral.

The Opera del Duomo museum in Florence hold one of the most important sacred sculpture collections all over the world, dated from the Middle Ages and Renaissance period.

Among the master works of the Opera Duomo Museum the visitor could appreciated the ones by Donatello, Luca della Robbia, Michelangelo, Arnolfo di Cambio, Lorenzo Ghiberti, Andrea Pisano, Andrea del Verrocchio, Antonio Pollaiuolo, and many others.

The success of the Duomo museum in Florence is getting up and up, nearly reaching the famous Uffizi Gallery as the most important museum in Florence. The Uffizi Gallery is currently the most visited museum of Italy, it importance is because of the incredible number of masterpieces that the visitor could enjoy in this Museum.

Visiting the Uffizi you can admire a big part of the artistic heritage of Florence, in this Museum the visitor could admire paintings of an inestimable value as: the Spring and the Birth of Venus by Botticelli, the Doni Tondo by Michelangelo, the Madonna of the Goldfinch by Raphael, the Madonna All Saints by Giotto, as well as works by many other artists such as Piero della Francesca and Paolo Uccello, Filippo Lippi, Titian and many others.

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When is the best time to visit Florence

When is the best time to visit Florence? Winter or summer time...This is common question among the tourists that have to choose the period to spend in this beautiful artistic city of Italy.

Who has already been in Florence knows the city could be visit at any time of the year. The monuments, museums and uncountable masterpieces art are always available at the museums and along the streets and squares of the historic center of Florence.

Visit Florence in best time

Florence is a city with no severe weather conditions in winter, the cold and snow are much less than in other areas of Italy. In this period, you could also spend some lovely moments in the heat of the many cosy bars, clubs and restaurants.

In Florence you could find so many bars and bakeries in the historical center but also in the outside of the city center, the particularity of these Florentine’s bakeries is the wide selection of typical sweets.

From the early morning you could find a huge selection of mini sweets available among the Florentines bar and bakeries, obviously to take with a good espresso. These places make particularly pleasant for tourists and Florentines who can taste this little cakes.

During the summer Florence is characterized by the high temperatures and by the humidity, however the long summer days allow tourists to extend their tours Florence up to the last hours of the afternoon.

During the summer the best places to cooled a little bit are the ice cream shops “gelateria” usually stormed by tourists and by Florentines.

The production of ice cream in Florence stands out for the many varieties of flavors present in the numerous "gelateria". Ice cream is a great food during the summer, actually became a real meal.

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Goldsmith's Art in Florence

Florence is absolutely well known all around the world for the art and the beauty of its monuments. This city is also the tradition-bearer bearer of craftsmanship that has been passed through centuries.

The craft tradition in Florence is present in all fields from architecture, sculpture and painting, the classical ones, to the goldsmithing, that in Florence achieve the maximum excellence.

goldsmith florence art

The goldsmithing was born in this part of Italy with the Etruscan Civilization. The Etruscan People was really skilled working with this precious metal. This fact has contributed to generate an unique heritage, today show by the Master Florentine Goldsmiths.

During the Renaissance the trade’s coorporations were instituted in Florence. Among these corporations the goldsmiths had privileged position, who carring out the rich orders of the powerful Florentine families and founded the goldsmith's workshop in the Ponte Vecchio.

ponte vecchio jewelers

These workshops were placed on the Ponte Vecchio because of Francesco I de Medici, this decision was made in the era of the construction of The Vasari corridor to give prestige to this area one of the most frequented by the rulers of Florence and their prestigious foreign guests.

The great reputation of the Florentine goldsmiths has become an indisputable international reference. The most clear evidence of this is the foundation of several goldsmith schools in Florence that are regularly attended by so many foreign students who really want to learn the traditional goldsmith techniques of Florentine artisans.

These students have the opportunity to learn the secrets and techniques of this art learning about goldsmith, gemology and jewelry design. What makes unique the rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants made using the traditional Florentine goldsmith techniques are the special processes inherited in part by the Etruscans.

The ancient Florentine goldsmiths have inherited these from the granulation technique that allows you to give life to a particular decoration on jewelery using small gold balls lined up one by one. In addition to this particular technique the goldsmith artist have developed an unique incision in the Florentine style.

The jewelry made with these techniques have a unique style and refined and are distinguished from the others with the words "Made in Florence", this label is considered worldwide as the manual labor warranty of Florentine goldsmiths.

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Geographic Location and Weather in Florence

Florence is surrounded by a hilly area, which extends over most of its surroundings, the weather in Florence is different than the one of the city, the hilly outskirts of Florence record colder conditions during the winter and more enjoyable during ' summer.

weather in florence

Snow and wind are not commons elements of weather in Florence; this beautiful Italian city is located in a shelter position against inclement winter weather. In winter Florence is not often hit by wind and snow, neither by the rain, even when it rains in many areas of Tuscany.

During these months, the hills around Florence offer protection but in the summer also cause an sticky weather because of the poor ventilation. The weather in Florence can be considered temperate and pleasant along most of the year, this fact allows tourist to visit the city in a pleasant way and to admire the fantastic works of art in Florence.

The goodness of weather in Florence it has testified by its long history, as long as this place was chosen along time ago to be a great area to be inhabited and to create a flourishing city.

In addition, of its privileged geographical location Florence can count on the great river that once allowed Florence create a rich commercial trade route that beginning in the hinterland arriving to the sea area to communicate with faraway countries across the maritime trade routes.

The moderate weather in Florence and its outskirts has made possible since the antiquity different productions, as concerns crops and cattle. These particularly favorable conditions have allowed the city to have a fast development in comparison to other realities and to turned since the middle ages into an example of civilization for the whole Europa.

In the past Florence has developed an important textile trade that has allowed the development of important realities such as Prato, which is today an important center of textile production.

The wine production is another excellence that has been possible thanks to the temperate weather present in the hills of Florence, from the past these areas were grown for special grapes suitable for wine production.

Thanks to the special care to the cultivation of these grapes, today Tuscan wines are among the most popular in the world and they are served in restaurants around the world.

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Art Fashion and Food in Florence

Florence is one of the most famous and visited cities in the world. Its fame comes from what Florentines built in the Middle Ages but mostly during the Renaissance. At that time Florence was one of the most flourishing commercial centres in Europe.

Art in Florence

Thanks to the huge wealthes that Florentine families managed to collect, it was possible to build majestic works that still today are subject of study and admiration all over the world.

Numerous works of art can be found in Florence, for this reason Unesco declared this beautiful Italian city a world heritage site. Today, thanks to these monumental works of art, Florence is annually visited by millions of tourists from all over the world. This town is one of the favourite sites for those studying arts.

Every day cultutal and artistic events take place in Florence with the participation of some of the most important figures in the world of art and culture in general. These events make life in Florence a world reference point for researchers and aficionados of this discipline.

In addition to majestic monuments, in Florence there is the chance to get to know the typical traditions of this city, symbol of beauty all over Europe throughout the centuries.

Florentine excellences can be found visiting ancient artisan fashion shops which create unique objects following the past tradition, together with handcrafted items of different kind ranging from clothes to accessories or jewels like those that can be found on the Ponte Vecchio.

Food and Wine in Florence

Another Florentine excellence is food. This city has a great culinary tradition including common and refined dishes that used to be prepared for important Florentine families of the past and their international guests.

Together with the great food offered by typical restaurants you can not miss Tuscan wines. The Chianti area, a few kilometers from the city, is one of the most renowned for its wine production. In fact, Tuscan wines can be found in the most important restaurants all over the world.

Fashion in Florence

Florence is also an important fashion centre. In addition to many fabulous boutiques, this gorgeous Italian city hosts important international fashion events such as Pitti.

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Ancients Villages Around Florence

Florence with its historical centre is not the only thing that attracts millions of tourists in this gorgeous city of art every year. Around the city, on the beautiful Tuscan hills, there are many ancient villages around Florence which are places of historical and artistic interest.

Actually, not only the areas all around Florence but the whole Tuscan territory is scattered with these ancient villages.Often these areas are destinations of tours recalling the ancient paths that were used by many travelers arriving in this glorious city.

Ancient Villages Around Florence

The majority of these ancient villages also around Florence house good inns and restaurants which offer old Florentine and Tuscan dishes with great Tuscan wines. The quality of these wine and food products is so high that specific tours are organized daily to let tourists discover these excellences that, together with gorgeous landscapes, represent the best a tourist can expect while visiting Italy.

Some of these ancient villages around Florence hide important art treasures: for example, the famous village of Vinci, known as the birthplace of the great Leonardo. In Vinci you can find the Museum of Leonardo collecting many machines and instruments invented by this Renaissance genius himself.

The medival Castello della Nave is another important attraction in Vinci. Inside, important emblems and the beautiful Giovanni Della Robbia's ceramic sculpture Madonna col Bambino are conserved.

Another village which is worth a visit is Certaldo. Its main attractions are the house of the great Boccaccio where you can find a library specialized in editions of the famous book "Decameron". Other interesting placese to visit in Certaldo are Saints Jacopo and Filippo Church where it is possible to admire some Della Robbia's tabernacles and the frescos inside Palazzo Pretorio and Saints Tommaso and Prospero profane Church.

A visit to Certaldo must include a walk in its historical centre characterized by the presence of chapels, towers, artisan workshops, ancient buildings dating back to the XIV and XV century and the ancient city walls.

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New Year Eve in Florence

New year eve in Florence is an event not to be missed. This beautiful Renaissance city is one of the favourite touristic destinations not only at New Year's Eve but all year long.

The presence of tourists in Florence is always high: millions of visitors all over the world every year come back home enthusiastic about the artistic beauties that they could admire in few square kilometers.

Just one of the monuments of the city would be enough to justify a visit to Florence.

new year eve in florence

New year eve in Florence is a spectacular moment: a huge number of people joyfully crowd the sqaures and streets of the historical centre.

In the main areas of the city centre parties and big stages are set up to host important singers hired by the Florentine district to entertain the Florentines and the many tourists all night long.

In addition to the events organized by the municipality, there are a lot of places where it is possible to spend the New Year's Eve in Florence: clubs, pubs and bars give the chance to drink and dance until late night.

There are also many opportunities to spend the New Year's Eve in Florence tasting local specialties. Restaurants prepare excellent big dinners that go on even after midnight with typical food and excellent Tuscan wines.

As every year, there are also many parties for those who want to spend the night outside the historical centre with music and big dinners, usually organized in ancient villas many of which are located on the hills all around Florence.

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Florence F-Light Festival

As last year, F-Light Festival is in Florence with its spectacular light projections. At Christmas but also for the entire month of December, in addition to the numerous lights and decorations in the streets and squares of the historical center, there are also wonderful shows of colored lights.

A lot of Florence monuments will be enlightened by particular projections that will represent different kinds of images and shapes on the most important historical buildings façade.

F-Light Festival will take place in 15 different locations such as Ponte Vecchio, the Cathedral, Palazzo Vecchio and other monumental places of the city. The projections on Ponte Vecchio are very fascinating: laste year, the bridge was enlightened by reproductions of famous works of art that aroused interest all over the world.


This year, F-Light Festival takes inspiration from the meaning of the word " source". The spectacular F-Light projections are meant to promote this theme in the widest possible way considering water, light and heat as sources of life.

In addition to these wonderful projections of lights, recreational and cultural events involving children and parents will take place in some museums during the Christmas holiday season.

F-Light is an event that was appreciated all over the world for its charm. Because of that, this kind of event might become a great opportunity for the city of Florence to enhance its beauty as a Renaissance city.

Besides highlighting the immortal beautiful monuments of Florence, F-Light Festival is also convenient to organize since , in spite of its spectacular effects, it does not need any particular equippement weighing on the city planning.

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Florence Duomo Museum has acquired three Renaissance Sculptures

Florence Duomo Museum has acquired three important sculptures that already belonged to the Florence cathedral until the XVI century when the Medieval façade of the Church was demolished.

duomo sculpture by Arnolfo di Cambio

They are three important renaissance sculptures: a marble statue of an Apostole by Arnolfo di Cambio which was previously on the ancient façade of the Cathedral and two small marble angels by Tino di Camaino.

duomo sculpture by Tino di Camaino

The three artworks bought by the Florence Duomo Museum were put on sale during the International Antiques Biennal, which takes place every two years in the beautiful Corsini Palace.

During its last edition, the presence of works having a very high value for the city of Florence was pointed out. Thanks to this highlighting, the Opera del Duomo administration tried to start the negotiations to buy these chefs d'oeuvre belonging to an important Florentine family.

Thanks to the availability of the Torrigiani family, the owner of these masterpieces, the Opera del Duomo Museum managed to buy the statues at a lower price than the initial one proposed during the Antiques Biennial of Florence.

The sculptures are now exhibited in the monumental complex of the Cathedral of Florence: the Apostole by Arnolfo di Cambio is in the Paradise Room inside te reconstructed Medieval façade of the Church while the two angels by Tino di Camaino are in the Room of the Naves.

The purchase was welcomed with enthusiasm by the director af the Opera del Duomo who considers these works as a very important part of the artistic heritage of the Cathedral.

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Florence Christmas Events

As every year Florence christmas events are many, even this year Florence gets ready to welcome the Christmas holidays with the traditions that have been kept alive for centuries in Italy.

florence christmas events

At Christmas, Florence is full of lights enlightening the squares and the streets decorated for the festivity. The traditional Christmas markets which enliven many squares of the city warm up the magical atmosphere of the city at this time of the year.

weihnachtsmarkt christmas market

Among these markets, the most famous and traditional one is the Weihnachtsmarkt that, like every year, takes place in Santa Croce Square with many wooden stands representing the classical German tradition. In this characteristic Christmas market, visitors might find their Christmas presents among the 50 artisanal stands and , in the meantime, taste many German and European specialties such as spiced wines, pretzels, wurstels, cakes and many others typical Christmas food.

Another classical event to go shopping and taste Tuscan wine and food products is the Fierucola in Santo Spirito Square. Visitors will find different kinds of objects for their Christmas presents and many delicious typical Tuscan products.

florence light festival

The Florence Light Festival too contributes to the creation of a magic atmosphere in the city. This event, which lasts for the entire Christmas holidays, offers projections and games of lights on the most important Florentine monuments' walls.

Another Christmas tradition which attracts many tourists is the nativity scene. In Tuscany very characteristic and extremely evocative nativity scenes are realized. The tradition of the manger scene is present in Florence too with the nativity scene set up on the porch of the Cathedral, made of life-size handmade clay sculptures.

These sculptures represent not only the Holy Family but also the ox, the donkey and an angel, all handcrafted by the skilled Florentine artisan Luigi Mariani.

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Florence Art

Florence art can appear in many ways. In this gorgeous Italian city there is an incredibile number of monuments, sculptures, paintings and different kind of objects created by the most important Italian artists of the past.

Beyond the artistic works and the most important places there's another Florence too, which is rarely mentioned in the main touristic tours but which is very interesting to know and visit anyway.

In Florence historical centre every square and every street has its own past full of history and art. The names of these places come from the ones of old families or characters who devoted their life to this Italian city, contributing to make Florence famous and appreciated all over the world.

Florence Art

Walking down the streets and the squares of Florence you can still admire historical signs and stores: some of them are a hundred years old. Today, historical artisan workshops working wood, leather and fabrics can still be found in some areas of the city centre.

These skilled artisans, inspired by traditional florentine decorations, create unique objects which can only be found in Florence. One of the most significant and prestigious examples of artisan workshops can be found on the Ponte Vecchio where still today the ancient gold ateliers are located.

Market of San Lorenzo in Florence

Another very characteristic place of Florence is the colorful Market of San Lorenzo. This area of the city hosts a permanent open air market where stands follow one another offering any kind of items.

Items in leather are the typical product of this market, attracting thousands of people from all over the world. In the middle of San Lorenzo Market there's the indoor Central Market, a place where many stands sell culinary products such as bread, fresh fish, excellent Tuscan meat, typical cheeses, fruit and vegetables, Tuscan wines and other typical food.

This place is a paradise for all those who want to taste excellent Tuscan (and not) food.

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Graffiti in Digital Posts for who Visit the Florence Monuments

Graffiti are a strong temptation, especially for those tourists who visit cities like Florence. Leaving a signature or a sign in art places or in monuments famous all over the world is a fashion that goes beyond national borders.

In Florence there are many graffiti spread all over the most touristic places and the necessary work to clean the monuments is permanent and very expansive for the city administration.

On of the most famous touristic places in Florence is Giotto's Campanile and this one too is not exempt from the graffiti fashion: for this reason the autorithies decided to launch the project Autography.

Graffiti in Florence Autography is a digital project to leave signature and messages

This totally free service will let the Cathedral and other monuments' visitors leave their signature and messages in digital posts which will be stored forever. These graffiti are not only stored but they are also published on the Opera del Duomo Museum website.

Only after 8 months more then 15.000 digital graffiti have been collected and gathered in a volume which can be freely consulted during the Opera del Duomo museum tour in archive rooms. Autobiography has had a great success and, besides attracting the interest of many tourists visiting the Cathedral, it has also considerably reduced the number of graffiti left inside Giotto's Campanile.

During these 8 months only nine graffiti have been found and promptly removed . This huge result convinced the autorithies to expand the project to the Brunelleschi's Dome which is regularly ruined by its visitors.

On the occasion of the extention of the project, many graffiti will be removed from the Dome hoping that the digital graffiti fashion will substitute the traditional one. The Autobiography initiative organized by the Cathedral of Florence administration could also affect many other art places. Digital graffiti, in fact, are a fashionable and modern method to leave a mark of our passage which everybody will be able to consult anytime and anywhere.

A method which will easily involve the new generations, accostumed to the use of multimedia technology and prone to appreciate spontaneously anything having to do with their presence on the web; an initiative which could have further developments thanks to the continuous evolution of multimedia means of communication.

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The Italian Artists Who Built the Florence Cathedral

The monumental complex of the Florence Cathedral is an extraordinary work which involved the greatest italian artists of that time.

The construction of the Florence Cathedral started in 1296 and it was finally accomplished in 436 with the conclusive construction of the façade of Santa Maria del Fiore. Actually, the definitive construction of the frontal façade of the Cathedral was accomplished in 1887 according to Emilio de Fabris's project. Up to that moment, the partially incomplete façade used to be temporarily decorated during the most important celebrations.

florence cathedral

The construction of this monumental work, which attracts tourists from all over the world, involved the most important Italian artists of the Middle Ages and Renaissance such as Arnolfo di Cambio, Giotto, Andrea Pisano, Filippo Brunelleschi, Lorenzo Ghiberti, Donatello, Paolo Uccello, Andrea del Verrocchio, Antonio del Pollaiolo, Luca della Robbia, Giorgio Vasari, Federico Zuccari and Michelangelo.

The Florence Cathedral construction was begun by Arnolfo di Cambio and then continued by Giotto, Francesco Talenti and Giovanni di Lapo Ghini, those was some of most important italian artists of that time.

Naves of Florence Cathedral

The structure of the Florence Cathedral is made up of a three naves basilica church connected to a wide cross vault which constitutes the base of the huge Brunelleschi's Dome. Brunelleschi's Dome is a one-of-a-kind work that continues to astonish experts from all over the world, both for its size and its revolutionary method of building, conceived by the great Florentine architect.

Frescoes Brunelleschi Dome in Florence Cathedral

Once concluded the construction of the dome, the interiors were decorated by Giorgio Vasari and Federico Zuccari who covered a surface of 3600 square meters with frescoes between 1572 and 1579, creating the biggest fresco overall.

Visiting the Cathedral of Florence it is impossible not to notice Giotto's bell tower and the Baptistery, two majestic examples of art and architecture.

The bell tower contruction was started in 1298 by Arnolfo di Cambio, who was then replaced by Giotto in 1334 who proposed its own project. Instead, the building of the Baptistery seems to be previous to the Cathedral one, even if we do not know the definite date of the original construction of this monument.

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Florence Wine and Food Biennial

The Florence Wine and Food Biennial will take place in the former Centre of Contemporary Art in Viale Giannotti from the 10 to the 28 of November 2016.

Also this year the Florence Wine and Food Biennial is meant to be an intenational event where, in addition to the best typical Tuscan and Italian food, there will be present selected food from all over the world.

Florence Wine and Food Biennal

At the Florence Wine and Food Biennial there will be present some of the most famous chefs of the world too, who will offer some of their legendary culinary recipes. During the Florence Wine and Food Biennial, some clubs and historical places of the city will be involved too, such as Piazza della Repubblica, Santa Maria Novella Station, the Central Market and the Florence Opera.

Like all the events which will take place in Florence, this exhibition focused on food and wine will be a perfect opportunity to visit Florence and its monuments. In conjunction with the exhibit there will be artistic, musical and literary events, in addition to food conferences.

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Brunelleschi Dome the History and Secrets of an Unique Art Work

Brunelleschi's Dome is a unique work of its kind built by Filippo Brunelleschi without modern technologies.

The Cathedral of Florence had already been built in 1315 but the covering of the building, despite the efforts of the workmen incapable of finding a solution, represented an insoluble problem for more than a century.

Brunelleschi's Dome of Florence Cathedral

It was Filippo Brunelleschi with Lorenzo Ghiberti's help (Ghiberti collaborated on the Brunelleschi Dome project only for 5 years) who, in 1412, started the works for what is still considered a miracle of the architecture today. When it was completed, the Dome was the biggest of the world. Still today, Brunelleschi Dome is the biggest stone dome ever built. This architectural magnificence was completed in 16 years without the use of scaffoldings supporting the weight of the Dome during its construction.

This architectural technique has been a secret for centuries and it still captures the interest of worlwide researchers. It is still not clear how Brunelleschi could conceive such an architectural project since thare are no other known examples of similar stuctures at that time.

Brunelleschi Dome Architecture

The secret of how Brunelleschi could conceive the construction of the Dome has fascinated the world of architecture: still today the theories trying to explain where Brunelleschi learned such techniques divide the academic world.

Some researchers mention his Roman experience during which he could have learnt useful elements of architecture for his project. Actually, in Rome there are no architectural structures built as the Dome of the Cathedral, even though at that time in Rome there were remarkable domes such as the Pantheon one, which was the biggest before the realisation of the Dome of Florence.

Others researchers try to explain Brunelleschi's dome architectural elements makinf reference to persian buildings. They try to link the knowledge of theFlorentine architect with the study of the methods used for the big Asian mausoleums.

In the Eastern architecture there are examples such as the doble dome of Soltaniyeh's Mausoleum in Iran built at the beginning of the 14th century or other examples of brickworks according to the spina pesca and pattern that somehow could be compared toBrunelleschi's technique.

But even making reference to such examples , Brunelleschi's Dome is a unique example for its dimensions, its brickwork technique and the materials used. In truth, what let Brunelleschi's genius conceive such a complex project is an insoluble problem.

The only clear evidence is the talent of the great Florentine architect with the use of architectural techniques and geometric rules. Thanks to these skills, Brunelleschi had acquiered a particular ability with the perspective view.

Brunelleschi was also a perfectionist, a quality that had developed and expressed during the construction of his famous watches of which only one has left in the tower of the Palagio of Scarperia.

Brunelleschi also designed many construction machines useful to raise materials. These machines represent an exceptional example of progress in the field of construction at the time.

Thanks to the support of this machinery, it was possible to raise up the materials which were used both in the contruction of the Dome and of the lantern which was later placed on the top of the Dome.

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The Aleksandrov Ensemble at the Florence Opera Theatre

The Aleksandrov Ensemble will perform on November 7 at the Opera Theatre of Florence, a world famous event due to the importance of the Orchestra which has been defined as "an authentic treasure of the global art".

The Aleksandrov Ensemble will perform at the Opera Theatre of Florence, one of the most famous of the world. The orchestra consists of more than 400 artists such as musicians, singers and dancers. Fifty of these artists have been even awarded with the prestigious honor of Emeritus Russian Artist.

Aleksandrov Ensemble

The Aleksandrov Ensemble was founded in 1939 to raise up the morale of the Sovietic Army exhausted by the War. This big orchestra succedeed in acquiring growing popularity performing in more than 7000 shows in front of more than 20 million people.

The director of this legendary Russian orchestra is General Viktor Eliseev: thanks to him the Aleksandrov Ensemble acquired global fame with a musical repertoire made of different melodies from the patriotic, folkloristic, classic, pop and modern tradition, completely interpreted in a very contemporary way.

The Aleksandrov Ensemble was present in very important historical events such as the exibition for Pope John Paul II in Rome, the investitures of Russian Presidents like Boris Eltsin and Vladimir Putin, the opening of the Olymoic Games of Moscow in 1980 and of Sochi in 2014.

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The Fifth Edition of the Art and Restoration Florence Exhibition

The Fair will be held at the Fortezza da Basso from 9 to 11 November 2016. The fifth edition of Art and restoration Florence exhibition will be connected with the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Florence Flood of 66.

Art Restoration Fair in Florence

Given the importance of the 50th anniversary of the Florence, the V edition of the Art and Restoration Florence Exhibition will have a great preview at the Cenacle of Santa Croce. A place where you can admire the great "Last Supper" by Giorgio Vasari.

Art and Restoration Florence Exhibition

This masterpiece was one of the most affected works during the flood of 66. At the time the painting was exhibited in the Museo dell'Opera di Santa Croce, which was flooded the most, because the museum is just few tens of meters away from the river.

The restoration of the "Last Supper" by Giorgio Vasari is an important testimony to the great work of restoration done on this masterpiece of immense artistic value. The work was, in fact, damaged beyond repair as estimated after flood of Florence of 66.

In 2010, thanks to the international cooperation between the Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence and the Getty Foundation of Los Angeles, difficult recovery path was started, adopting the most innovative restoration techniques.

This great work of restoration is the miracle. It managed to bring back the original beauty of the Last Supper of Vasari. The restored work was exhibited to the public in 2014, during the III edition of Art and Restoration Fair of Florence.

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Earthquake in Italy Destroys Ancient Monuments in Norcia

Earthquake in Italy destroys ancient monuments, this morning October 30, 2016 a strong earthquake in Italy has destroyed some places of great artistic and historical interest.

Earthquake in Italy at Norcia

One of the most serious damage to the Italian artistic heritage occurred in Norcia, in this ancient town the Basilica of St. Benedict of Norcia is completely collapsed, only the old facade of the church remained standing alone.

Basilica di San Benedetto da Norcia after Basilica St Benedict in Norcia first

The earthquake in Norcia comes after previous earthquakes of a few months ago, previous earthquakes in Italy had destroyed important monuments in Amatrice and other historical towns of central Italy.

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Leonardo da Vinci Artwork at the Uffizi Gallery

Leonardo is considered one of the greatest masters of all times. His incredible talents led him to be an absolute artist and a visionary scientist able to anticipate centuries of discoveries , which are still the subject of interest.

During the Uffizi Gallery tour you can admire a room dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci artwork in the period in which the great artist was working in Florence, in the workshop of Verrocchio.

leonardo da Vinci The Baptism of Christ

The Baptism of Christ by Leonardo da Vinci is one of the masterpieces in this room. This painting was made in collaboration with Verrocchio. Verrocchio is attributed to the completion of this painting. In this painting, it is not difficult to distinguish the style of Leonardo, especially the landscape and the face of the angel.

leonardo da Vinci Annunciation i

Another Leonardo da Vinci artwork in this room of the Uffizi is the Annunciation. The great Florentine artist expresses, in addition to his incredible talent, also his skills as a scientist. Angel wings are painted as if they were those of a so volatile. Annunciation by Leonardo hits the peculiarities of the landscape in the background , that combines fantastic and classical elements in a mix that enchants diverting attention from the main elements of the painting.

leonardo da vinci adoration of the magi

Another artwork of great interest is the Adoration of the Magi. This painting, despite being unfinished, has a very refined pictorial technique of Leonardo da Vinci and expresses emotional intensity of the portayals.

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50th Anniversary of the Florence Flood

The Florence flood of 66 now seems a distant event, almost forgotten, but is brought back to the timetable and attention of the events this year, because it is the anniversary of 50 years.

For the 50th anniversary of the Florence flood of 66 many events in the city will be held. Organized to remember tragic days, many exhibitions, debates about restored art as a result of the damage suffered by water and mud from the Arno River.

Florence Flood 50th Anniversary

One of the most significant events for the anniversary of the Florence flood of 66 is the exhibition in Palazzo Medici Riccardi called "The Beauty Saved". In this important historic building will be exhibited damaged and subsequently renovated, restored in many cases to their original beauty works of art.

On this occasion the effects of the flood will be presented , the complex work of restoration and recovery, and the whole context of salvation of the beauty of important works.

Another exciting event will be the gathering of the beats or otherwise called 'angels of the mud' - angeli del fango, to be held in the Salone dei Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio.

Flood of Florence 1966

The authorities want to thank in an official way for the people that during the flood of 66 in Florence came to the rescue of the city. Because of them many works of art were promptly removed from the Arno water that had invaded the old town of Florence.

There were thousands of volunteers who 50 years ago ran to help Florence and its population, bringing a fundamental support not only to the rescue of the works but also to people, homes, businesses and everything that was hit by the flood.

Among the events taking place this year, the anniversary of the flood of Florence of 66 will be happening, an event aimed to real contribution to the security of the rivers in Italy.

Florence Flood Arno River

There will be meetings held of all the mayors of the big cities in all region of the river, so called the landslide risk. On this occasion the National Italian Secure plan will be published , which is aimed to promote the works and actions necessary to avoid or lessen the risks of flooding.

Florence before the flood of 66 was a very different city from what it is today. Much has changed, besides the solid beauty of the city that stays majestic at the time, a resistance that bears witness to how much care, passion and ability the Florentines have put in the past creating such fine works as until nowadays after centuries protecting the future of Florence.

Today more than ever, Florence lives regarding its past, the presence of tourists in the city have increased exponentially. Many come from other continents, Florence today has greatly increased its popularity in the world than at the time of the flood, thanks also to the mass media and new digital media.

The flood of Florence of 66 remained in the DNA of the Florentine, especially on rainy days when the Arno swells... many people give a passing glance at the river with feelings of awe.

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Free Florence WiFi

Florence is a city that hosts millions of tourists from around the world. A condition that makes it necessary for those visiting Florence have the ability to connect to the Internet so to communicate with relatives, friends or even for business reasons.

So it makes sense for a city to offer a free WiFi connection, that can be used for free by tourists and residents. Free Florence wifi is available especially in the historic downtown area and in some of remote areas.

Florence WiFi

To connect to the free Florence wifi there is no need for registration or password. Anyone can connect to the network called FirenzeWiFi. Despite the fact that use of WiFi in the city of Florence is free, it is still distributed by certain restrictions.

They serve primarily to prevent exaggerated use by individuals in order to distribute equally the service for everyone. The limitations of FirenzeWiFi consist of a maximum of 300 Mb per day. Although this limit is not sufficient for use of multimedia applications, but is still enough for the use of smartphone applications that provide services for VoIP, email and social networks.

The free Florence WiFi is certainly not up to American or northern Europe standards, but is still one of the best examples of free Internet with regard to the Italian city. Epecially because in the areas of the historical center of Florence connection is multiplied by the large number of tourists.

The capital of Tuscany once again demonstrate being an example of an open city to changes and attentives, adapting to the needs of those who visit Florence. This was one of the first examples of distribution of free hot spots offered by the city without the need of password and prior registration.

Despite no need for prior registration or password and the use and security of Florence wifi will be monitored by recording the identification number of the individual devices according to current Italian laws.

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The Bank of the Medici Family the Money and the Power that Promoted the Renaissance in Florence

The dynasty of the Medici was governing Florence for three centuries. During this period Florence reached its maximum importance by becoming one of the most influental cities in Europe.

medici family florence

The Medici were the most important of the Florentine dynasties. Despite the fact, that the origins of this family are shrouded in mystery, it is thought that this great family is from Mugello, but there are no absolute certainties.

The rise of the dynasty of the Medici started thanks to the economic fortunes of the first members. Their main activities were trade, but more important was the banking business. Bankink business was just developing in Florence and becoming one of the most important economic activities of the time.

The Medici were not the first Florentine families to practice banking activities, but the great banking crisis of the fourteenth century in Florence caused a simultaneous collapse of many institutions. The first Florentine families who practiced banking were the Bardi, Peruzzi and Acciuoli.

After the serious economic collapse of the fourteenth century was the Alberti family to excel in this area but the success of this new family ended tumultuously with the revolt of Ciompi when Alberti were banished from the city of Florence.

So it was after these events, that the de Medici family was able to impose itself by bringing in their banking activities Florence. And soon the city became the most important financial centers of the Renaissance. The gap that was created in the banking sector after the collapse was filled by Florentine families of the Rucellai, Pazzi, Strozzi and especially by the Medici that began an incontestable ascent both in banking and in the politics.

medici family

The Bank of Medici Family were quick to open branches in Venice, Rome, Naples, Milan, Bruges, London, Barcelona, ​​Paris, Geneva, Basel and other major cities in Europe. They were able to build connections immediately with the sovereigns and the great European nobility. Their customers were powerful and influential people from all over Europe: princes, ministers, cardinals, bishops, generals and great merchants.

The Medici, thanks to their banking activities not only accumulated enormous wealth, but also managed to create strong relationships with the most powerful and influential people of the time. This combination of power that allowed the Medici family to become rulers over the city of Florence.

Medici were also skilled promoters of themselves by financing the works of great value and beauty, not only in Florence, but in many cities in which they exercised their activity.

Even the Medici banking activities suffered severe economic crisis due to insolvency of some major debtors including England, yet the family had managed to weave solid relations with the Vatican so much so that some family members became popes. This solid relationship with the Vatican allowed the Medici dynasty to continue to rule over Florence until 1737, when due to lack of heirs the Lorraine took over.

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Medici Masters of Florence

Medici Masters of Florence is the TV series that chronicles the rise and the changes of circumstances of one of the most important dynasties in Europe during the era of the Renaissance.

Medici Coat of Arms

Medici Masters of Florence tv series was produced by RAI in collaboration with Lux Vide and Big Light Productions. The first season of this new TV series will take place in eight episodes of approx. one hour each. These new TV series were inspired by the famous dynasty and is perhaps one of the few able to confront the predominant American TV series, that for some years have success around the world.

medici master of florence tv series

To compare, TV series Masters of Florence can stand both for the cast level with several international stars and the charm of the plot that encompasses intriguing stories. Stories between power, art, deception and wars, not to mention the environment, beauty of the monuments and places where TV series have been set.

Among many venues to create the film about Medici the municipality of Florence allowed to feature most important historical sites like Palazzo Vecchio, San Lorenzo Basilica, Bargello Palace, Baptistery and the Duomo of Florence, among many more great historical and artistic spots between Tuscany and Lazio.

Series about the Medici enjoy famous international cast like Dustin Hoffman in the role of Giovanni de 'Medici, Richard Madden who plays Cosimo de' Medici, Stuan Martin in the role of Lorenzo de 'Medici and many other actors. Even some Italians play various historical characters in these TV series inspired by the great Florentine family that ruled florence for three centuries.

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Red Carpet in Florence for the World Premiere of Inferno Movie

Red Carpet in Florence for the world premiere of Inferno movie. An evening gala for the cinema and for the city of Florence. Here we saw the first screening of the Ron Howard film that has taken the plot of the famous bestseller Inferno book by Dan Brown.

red carpet in Florence with Ron Howard and Tom Hanks

On the red carpet world premiere of Inferno movie was present all the cast of the film, led by the famous American actor Tom Hanks. Hollywood stars were present at the event as well as many Italian VIPs, including the same Premier Renzi.

The world premiere of Inferno was held in the Opera House in Florence, where normally happens the famous Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. The complex opened in 2014 and has taken the place of the old municipal theater that is located nearby.

The screening of the Inferno movie was opened with Tuscan specialties to start with. It was met with great enthusiasm among American actors and Tom Hanks specifically requested his favorite Tuscan soup Ribollita.

Like all the other movies that are based on the stories by Dan Brown (Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code) also The Inferno movie will have a great success, in Florence were organized suggestive Inferno tour to visit the sites and palaces that are It was used during the filming of the movie.

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Santa Maria Novella Tour

Santa Maria Novella Tour On October 9 the former police station will be open to the public. Over a century it has been an important part of the complex of Santa Maria Novella. For a day anyone will be able to revisit places of great historical and artistic value such as the Great Cloister, the Chapel of Leo X or the Pope and the ancient convent dormitory, while waiting for the final rejoining of the current spaces.

The current museum is composed of the Basilica, the Cloister of the Dead, the Green Cloister, the Spanish Chapel, the Chapel of the Drunkards and the Refectory. Museum complex covers an area of ​​almost 6000 meters and will become more than 10000 meters when joining all of the sites, which were occupied by the police station.

One of the places of historical and artistic interest will return to be part of the Museum of Santa Maria Novella. It is the fourteenth century Cloister Grande, named for the monumental environment that consists of 56 spans. The Great Cloister is home to an extraordinary frescoes of the sixteenth century paintings by important painters of the Florentine Academy.

Another scenic spot is the old dormitory. It was built in the fourteenth century and is characterized by its two sequences of large pillars that support cross vaults. On his dorm walls there are still visible some parts of the original painted decorations that covered the all of the surface. With the return to the original size of the museum complex, Santa Maria Novella will again become an important tourist attraction of Florence.

Santa Maria Novella is located near the central station and a few hundred meters from the monumental complex of the Cathedral. Even the facade of Santa Maria Novella is a major work of great artistic value, the front of the Basilica is one of the most important works of Florentine Renaissance. The first works of the façade of Santa Maria Novella date back to the mid-1300s when the bottom was decorated with white and green marble. There are six tombs, the two Gothic side doorways, besides marble ornamentation to boxes and blind rounded arches.

Work continued on the façade for long time and was finally entrusted to Leon Battista Alberti. Despite the ancient origin of this work the last action taken on the facade of Santa Maria Novella date back to the early decades of the twentieth century.

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Gate of Paradise by Ghiberti

Gates of Paradise by Ghiberti The Gates of Paradise by Lorenzo Ghiberti is the eastern gate of the Baptistery in Florence, located in front of the Florence's Cathedral.

The monumental complex of the Cathedral of Florence is composed of various architectural works of great artistic and historical value, among them the baptistery is fundamental. Here major Christian customs were celebrated since the ancient times.

Realization of the Gates of Paradise was commissioned to the great Florentine Renaissance artist Lorenzo Ghiberti. The panels of the door represent scenes from the Old Testament and are covered in gold.

gate of paradise by lorenzo ghiberti

The Baptistery of Florence Cathedral has three entrances, the Gates of Paradise by Ghiberti was the last one built with the intention to being placed in a position other than the current one.

At the inauguration in 1452 the work of Ghiberti was such a success, that it was decided to move them to the current position in front of the facade of the Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore. The beauty of this work of art was given the place of honor.

Lorenzo Ghiberti created the Gates of Paradise in 27 years with the help of his sons and other great artists who helped him in the final stages of labor. The realization of this important work was possible because Ghiberti had no spending limits.

The artist had resources available and thus decided to decorate all external panels with gold, which are depicting scenes inspired by ancient Christian history.

The other two inputs of the Baptistery are the south and the north. The port on the south side was made by Andrea Pisano in 1336 and depicts the stories of San Giovanni Battista. The door now located on the north side was also made by Ghiberti.

Today the original Gate of Paradise by Ghiberti is kept safely inside the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo, protected from the dangers of the weather.

ghiberti gate of paradise duomo

The famous door was replaced by a modern copy perfectly reproduced thanks to the contributions of a major Japanese corporation Sun Motoyama.

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The Medicean Tapestries Return to Florence After 150 years

The Medicean tapestries return to florence are finally back in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence after a century and a half of absence. The famous tapestries belonged to the dynasty of Medici and were separated in between of Florence and Rome. They were on display in the Qurinale.

A part of the Medicean tapestries was brought to Rome in 1882 at the behest of the Savoy who wanted to decorate the halls of the Quirinale with these majestic works.

Medicean tapestries in Palazzo Vecchio

The twenty splendid Medicean tapestries inspired by the life of Joseph are now reunited and will be exhibited in the hall of the 200 in Palazzo Vecchio. Because of the huge size of those Medici tapestries will be rolled and kept in the Hall of the two hundreds, where the municipal assembly has meetings.

These majestic tapestries were made for Cosimo de 'Medici who was particularly fond of the figure of Joseph. In the life of this figure Cosimo saw a certain resemblance to the Medici family events. Cosimo de Medici founded a real manufactory to carry out such works and it was among the first in Italy to realize tapestries.

Medicean tapestries in Florence

The collection of the Medici tapestries are among the most important Renaissance works of this kind. The precious collection was woven by the Flemish master Jan Rost and Nicolas Karcher that followed the drafts and sketches by some of the most important artists of the Renaissance : Agnolo Bronzino, Jacopo Pontormo and Francesco Salviati.

The collection is made up of twenty tapestries, most of them, 16 were made according to Bronzino drawings , Pontormo gave three drawings while only one is due to the Salviati.

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Ai Weiwei Exhibition

Ai Weiwei Exhibition in Florence is one of the contemporary art events most significant in recent years of this italian city. The Ai Weiwei exhibition starts with a series of rafts hanging from the windows of the first floor of the palace.

Ai Weiwei Exhibition

This event involves many aspects of the current history. The Ai Weiwei exhibition in Florence focuses on both universal themes as the artist's troubled political past and also the art forms to bring out often dramatic facts, for example the plight of refugees. Ai Weiwei is a very special artist. Much discussion usually put his art to politics and to the great social issues of our times . The Chinese artist has repeatedly stated that "Everything is art, everything is political".

The external preparation of the exhibition of the famous Chinese artist Ai Weiwei raises immediately attention to the problem of refugees flow from Africa to Europe. Inflatable boats are used to cross the sea in search of a better future .They are clearly visible both by visitors to the exhibition and by foreigners who daily pass through the historic downtown area of ​​Florence.

Red rafts placed as frames on the windows of the first floor of Palazzo Strozzi will remain From 23 September 2016 to 22 January together with the entire period of the exhibition of Ai Weiwei. The settings on the Strozzi Palace also raise some questions and memories in the Florentine life, remembering that 2016 is the 50th anniversary of the disastrous flood that hit very hard Florence back in 4 November 1966.

A date that will remain forever in contemporary history as one of the darkest days of the city of the lily flower. During the days of the anniversary of the tragic flood in Florence in 1966 the red rubber boats on display on the first floor of Palazzo Strozzi might have a different meaning for the Florentines. They, until today, during the rainy days of November uneasily watch the Arno river filling up.

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The Hall of the Five Hundred

The Hall of the five hundred (Salone dei Cinquecento) is located in the prestigious Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. It has always been the political center of this famous Italian art city.

The Hall of 500 is the largest and most prestigious hall of the Palazzo Vecchio, where still happen the most important official events involving Florence. Even today this room is the largest in Italy, regarding number of seats of power.

Hall of the Five Hundred in Palazzo Vecchio

The Hall of the five hundred was born at the behest of Savonarola. Savonarola wanted to give to then,the republic Fiorentina, a place to hold up to 500 people, so that the chosen Florentines who shared the power would avoid institutional forms concentrated in few hands. He commissioned the construction to Simone del Pollaiolo and Francesco di Domenico. Two artists completed this huge hall in a single year.

Initially on the will of Savonarola the room was very simple and without decorations that were made only later. For the decoration of the hall of the five hundred were called the most important artists of the time such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. Leonardo began the realization of the Battle of Anghiari and Michelangelo devoted himself to the creation of the fresco representing the Battle of Cascina.

Unfortunately, for various reasons, both works of two great artists of the Renaissance were lost and remain only drafts and copies. After the return of the Medici dynasty to power, hall of the 500 underwent major changes both in the structure and decoration. This time the work was commissioned to Vasari who, worked nearly two decades with the help of other artists.

The hall of the five hundred ceiling was raised by 7 meters with ingenious use of beam structures. Regarding the decorations, old frescoes representing the victories of the Florentine Republic were covered with new frescoes. Those were created in order to represent the Medici dynasty power, as they used this room as a place for official meetings with other powerful people.

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Annunciation Leonardo

The Annunciation Leonardo da Vinci is one of the symbolic masterpieces that can be seen during Uffizi tour in Florence. With this painting Leonardo wanted to represent the important religious theme, although still differing from other artists.

Annunciation Leonardo Vinci

This Leonardo da Vinci artwork has the feature to spotlight this important religious symbol and forms by using background environmen, which, some consider, by that time very typical to Leonardo.

Analyzing the Annunciation by Leonardo da Vinci art we can notice the architecture, behind the Virgin, is that of the Florentine fifteenth century fashion. Also the lectern stand is painted by the fifteenth century sculptural model.

Annunciation by Leonardo the face of Madonna is with gentle shapes and peaceful. Madonna is depicted in a pose of acceptance for the fate of his son. To bring out details in the background in Annunciation, Leonardo uses a slightly distorted perspective, so it highlights details of the persons present in the background of the painting.

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The Pushkin Moscow Museum Hosts Exhibition of Raffaello "The Poetry of the Face"

Raphael and the Poesia del Volto "Poetry of the Face" is an exhibition (12/09 - 11/12) inspired by the great artist of the Italian Renaissance to be hosted in Moscow in the very important Pushkin museum.

Pushkin museum exhibition in Moscow

The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts is the largest museum of European art in Moscow. The Raphael's exhibition in Pushkin Museum will show important art works of great artist of the Renaissance, most of these masterpieces come from the most important museums in Florence, like the Uffizi Gallery and the Palatina Gallery from Pitti Palace.One of the most famous works like the self-portrait by Raphael, a masterpiece considered a symbol that represents the unmatched artistic skills. This is the first and best representation of what Italy with its artists has been able to express - talent that the world continues to adore after centuries.

Other important works by Raphael from Florence will be provided to the Pushkin museum in Moscow on the occasion of this important event, such as the Madonna of the Grand Duke, the portraits of Agnolo Doni and Maddalena Strozzi.

The exhibition at the Pushkin Museum in Moscow dedicated to Raphael is definitely one of the most significant artistic events that Italy has ever produced in Russia. The exhibition was created thanks to the fame of the great Italian artist who is known and has been appreciated by prominent Russian writers as Dostoevsky and Tolstoy.

Pushkin Moscow Museum

The event takes place during the fruitful collaboration that Italy has started with Russia in the arts and despite the adverse opinions of some, fear of damage to the masterpieces, while they will be loaned to Moscow for the period of the exhibition dedicated to Raphael.

Such event surely will benefit the entire artistic heritage of our country. Exhibitions of that kind are priceless commercials broadcasting the image of Italian beauty in Russia, one of the most attractive markets from the point of high-end tourism view.

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Doni Tondo

The Doni Tondo by Michelangelo Buonarroti is the only pictorial work on panel attributed with certainty to the great artist of the Renaissance. He realized this masterpiece on the occasion of the wedding of the Florentine Agnolo Doni with Maddalena Strozzi.

The Tondo Doni was commissioned to celebrate the marriage between those two very important characters in Florence, this masterpiece of Michelangelo is currently visible at the Uffizi gallery in Florence.

Doni Tondo by Michelangelo

The Doni Tondo was painted by Michelangelo with iridescent colors, particularly through the use of tempera. This masterpiece of Michelangelo is important both for its perfect beauty and the structure. It is also a framework already close to mannerism, moving away from the typical Renaissance style.

The subject of the Doni Tondo painting is the Holy Family. In the center of the painting is the Madonna turning away and giving the Child to San Giuseppe. In the background we see youth leaning against a wall as well we can recognize a small San Giovanni depicted on the right of the holy family.

The originality of Doni Tondo is certainly not only the topic. which at the time was widespread, but the arrangement in which the holy family is composed. Characters together have a form and a shape of a flame, which was a very revolutionary structure compared to the styles and structures used during that era.

In the painting of Doni Tondo the wall in the background with the group of young people is of circular form, a detail that makes it seem as if the whole picture is enclosed in a sphere. Even the frame with five sculpted heads that converge our eyes to the holy family of the painting suggest that the main subject is the holy family.

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World Premiere of Inferno Movie in Florence

The world premiere of Inferno movie 'll be in Florence, the Inferno movie directed by Ron Howard was filmed mostly in this italian city and will be launched right in Florence.

World Premiere of Inferno Movie in Florence

The premiere of Inferno Movie, which is based on the equally famous bestseller book inferno by Dan Brown, will be officially presented in style. The event's program is for three days between 6 and 8 October during which many actors of Hollywood will be present in Florence.

There will come a thousand guests from the United States. An event of the highest level which puts Florence in the center of the film and which also will attract the presence of the highest offices of the city and most likely the chairman of the board.

We all know that Florence does not need additional advertisement but is still this event a great spotlight for the city and all its artistic beauties.

On October 6, the Inferno film will be presented in the Hall of the Five Hundred. There will be the full cast of the film that will be listened to and photographed and filmed by reporters from around the world.

Plan for October 7 is a big party at the Forte Belvedere. There protagonists of the film Inferno will enjoy breathtaking panoramic views over Florence.

October 8 is expected to be the highlight of the program. The Inferno movie will be screened for the first time ever. The blockbuster will be screened in the great hall of the Opera House which is able to accommodate 2,000 people. At the beginning of the evening all the cast will be presented on the red carpet of Inferno movie in the presence of reporters and television around the world.

The American production company Warner Bros-Sony after evaluating the various options has chosen Florence for the important film Inferno. A choice rewarded the city with most scenes of the film as it inspired the famous author Dan Brown's best-selling book on which the plot of the film is based.

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Ferris Wheel in Florence

Ferris wheel in Florence is located at the beginning of the Cascine Park, for now it is just a temporary observation wheel, which was placed during the "Festa dell'Unità" a party held every year in Florence.

Ferris Wheel in Florence

The Ferris wheel of Florence is not comparable to a fixed wheel like the London Eye, which has become a symbol of the English city. Nevertheless, taking a ride on the current carousel you can still enjoy some wonderful views over Florence impossible to see from another place.

In recent years the Ferris wheel seems to have become an attraction of great interest. So the Florence town seems to be interested in making permanent installation right there in the huge park of the Cascine.

The idea was also confirmed by the current communities that have already created a carousel in Reggio Emilia. Surely there are no need for more art attractions in Florence, but the idea of ​​creating a Florence Eye is definitely original and would complement a type of tourism that is currently in short supply especially in the city area around the historic center.

A wheel of seventy meters located in the Cascine Park would give the opportunity to offer both the Florentines and the many tourists visiting Florence an original panoramic views. This would give further prominence to the beauty of the city of Florence and to many of its monuments.

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A Secret Passage Under Arno River in Florence

A spectacular and secret passage under the Arno River is the ambitious project that the municipality of Florence presume to realize in the upcoming years.

Secret Passage Under Arno River in Florence

In fact, the realization of this passage under the Arno river is not a novelty for Florence, but rather finishing a project that was started already in 1877. The passage under the Arno was built during the construction of the aqueduct situated at the current Piazza Poggi.

Spectacular Passage Under Arno River in Florence

This project was designed to equip Florence of a modern aqueduct. A kind of work also known with the name of “Fabbrica dell’Acqua”-‘water-factory’. It operates the aqueduct with two tunnels crossing the river, one of them needed to accommodate a big tubing, while the other has the purpose of filtering the Arno water.

In reality, both tunnels would also eventually give the opportunity to cross Arno River. History tells us that during the inauguration of this important work – of the passage, there were 5000 enthusiastic Florentines paying a ticket, as they already wanted to experience the thrill of the passage under the Arno.

Visitors traveling along the passage under the Arno first would come in on piazza Poggi and came out of the tunnel in the opposite side of the river, at the height of the Piave Square along the basement of the old mint of Florence. Unfortunately, all accesses are closed currently and part of the old tunnel is flooded by water. The ambitious project of the municipality would like to restore the walkway and thus creating a spectacular, prestigious attraction, interesting to visit as well as for Florentines as for many tourists in the city throughout the year.

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Harrods in Florence

Today’s news are that the world-famous Harrods department store chain now owned by Qatar Holding is seriously looking for a home in Florence.

Harrods in Florence

Harrods summits have already started a thoughtful investigation on the property market to identify a suitable location to host the prestigious London chain. The rich Arabs love luxury and beautiful things, so it seems that some of them are already frequenting Florence.

Harrods have 11 other locations around the world. The only store in Italy is in the very luxurious resort of Porto Cervo, where they open a temporary store during the summer season.

Now, it seems that the famous international brand has decided to make a permanent home in Italy. The fact that Florence was chosen as the Italian headquarters clearly indicates that this beautiful city of art was thought to live up to the unique requirements necessary to host brand luxury Harrods.

Florence as a polymeric city is suitable to host the mass tourism that has millions of visitors each year. It offers hospitality to the richest people in the world.

It is enough to recall the recent grand Indian weddings in the center of Florence. There we saw among the richest Indian personalities to prove the fact that Florence is a popular place for luxury lovers.

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Sleeping in Florence

Florence and the suburbs hosts and provides accommodation to sleep to the millions of tourists who arrive daily to admire the majestic works of art in the area. The city is one of the places with the greatest tourist arrivals in whole Italy both in summer and in winter.

sleeping in florence

On average, visitors in Florence stop in town or in the surrounding areas for three days. This huge demand for sleeping in Florence over time has created a strong presence of accommodation facilities in the historic center of Florence as well as in the areas around for fifty kilometers. As for the chance to sleep in Florence directly in the historic downtown area there are various solutions, ranging from traditional hotels and numerous hotels with both very cheap prices and luxury options.

Luxury hotel in Florence offer high services. Some of these luxury hotels are located in prime locations with extraordinarily beautiful squares and located in positions where you can enjoy panoramic unique and spectacular views of Florence.

For visitors who prefer alternatives to the hotel there is also the possibility to choose to stay in Florence in one of the many B & B's that are present in the city, especially in the downtown within walking distance from many artistic attractions of this beautiful Italian city. For people who prefer total independence there is also the solution of short-term rentals, there are agencies that rent whole apartments of various sizes and levels. Apartments are available for rent for periods ranging from few days to weeks and provide a fully autonomous life.

The part of tourists seeking a solution to stay in the surrounding areas are then directed to hotels located in the nearby cities, cities that accept part of the tourist flow destined for Florence as the main attraction are: Prato, Pistoia, Montecatini and other small countryside cities located in a radius of a few dozen kilometers from Florence.

sleeping in chianti

For nature lovers there is the possibility to sleep in the beautiful hilly areas surrounding the city. In these hills, there are many farms that besides great food and wine a few kilometers from Florence offer highest-level services such as swimming pools and beautiful places with the panoramic views of the Florentine countryside.

For tourists who visit and choose to stay in Florence or in the surrounding areas there is a wide choice of solutions. Accommodation facilities in this area of ​​Italy are able to satisfy every kind of taste and economic needs of those who decide to spend a holiday in Florence.

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Artistic Heritage in Florence

Priceless and unique artistic heritage is present in Florence. This great inheritance comes from the important past of this Italian city, which for centuries has been an example of culture and civilization for the whole Europe.

Even today, those who visit Florence finds in the city artistic and architectural works created during Renaissance. Various artists, who found themselves ideal conditions to practice their ingenuity, made these works. Before and with the opening of the first banks in Europe some Florentine families accumulated great wealth with commerce, thus this allowed to the city to create many majestic works.

These important monuments still impress visitors by their size and for the skilled hand they were made. Today in modern times Florence is not one of the richest cities in the world, the economic downsizing of the city is also followed a reduction in the ability to engage in the construction of new works that can stand comparison with the monuments of the past.

Florence Artistic Heritage

The last work worth of noting, created in times that are more recent is the Piazzale Michelangelo. Architect Giuseppe Poggi in honor of the great artist Michelangelo built this place in 1869. The success recorded of the Piazzale Michelangelo was that it actually is present in the itineraries of international tour operators. Every day a large number of tourists visits this terrace of Florence where they can enjoy a spectacular view of the city and its monuments. The city has completed the panoramic square when Florence was the capital of Italy. In these times were executed many other works that partially changed the appearance of the historic center of Florence.

These works served to bring the city to the new function of capital in order to modernize the urban structure of Florence and embellish the appearance. The work changed profoundly in some areas of the city and not all agreed on the adequacy of some changes made in that period. All these works of "restoration" of the city were the last major investment dedicated to the creation of architectural works of the same level which were made in Florence ever. All works made later were with the sole function to adapt and modernize the city to the modern lifestyle.

Unfortunately, not for the needs of the modern world, but for the lack of major economic resources compared to the past, Florence is not able to create monumental works worthy the fame nowadays. Despite this, Florence remains one of the most important cities in the world from an artistic point of view and one of the major capitals of the European culture.

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Free Things to Visit in Florence

There are many free things to visit in Florence; despite being one of the most important ever art city in the world. Florence is a Renaissance city that attracts millions of tourists every year. In this city, there are the most beautiful in the world museums and works of art of and an artistic heritage among the richest in terms of Western culture.

In Florence, there are many free Florence tours to do. While visiting the city you can admire the monuments and works of art that would find place in the greatest museums in the world.

Florence Palazzo Pitti

Many works you can simply enjoy walking the streets and squares of Florence. In practice, this famous Italian city is comparable to a true open-air museum that you can visit without any cost. In Florence, in addition to palaces and monuments that are located outdoors along the city there are also many indoor places to which you can access for free.

Duomo in Florence

One of the most important monuments in absolute as the Duomo in Florence can be visited without paying. This majestic cathedral is also a church in every respect and this is why you can visit it for free during opening hours. Speaking of the Duomo of Florence is necessary to remark that it is not free instead climb Giotto's famous bell tower.

Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence

Another truly spectacular place to visit is the Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence. This fantastic place has a panoramic view from the top of the whole city. From here, you can have an incredible view of the profiles of the most important monuments of Florence. Always close to the Piazzale Michelangelo is the beautiful Basilica di San Miniato al Monte. This church is free for visitors and from this place the panorama of the town is charming.

For those who love books there is the possibility of free entry to the Oblate Library in Florence. This site as well as giving the opportunity to read books also has wonderful terraces from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the cloister and Brunelleschi’s Dome.

For those who love the gardens near the old town you can easily visit free the Horticultural Garden (Giardino dell'Orticoltura), a place where there are plants of various kinds, which was built in the nineteenth century.

In addition to the many monuments to visit in Florence for free, this beautiful Italian citiy offers many cultural, musical and other events. These events propose themes and high-level characters that give rise to pleasant cultural and recreational activities, which attract more and more of tourists and Florentines.

Particularly rich in free events is the summer in Florence. The good weather encourage more events and outdoor activities in the most beautiful squares of the city and its largest green places. One of the green places that come alive in the period summer is the Cascine Park that offer free demonstrations and events throughout the whole summer.

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Florence Capital of Good Drinks and Good Food

Florence is located in the center of the Tuscany region. This area of ​​Italy has old traditions in many fields, which have often contributed to advancing civilization of Europe.

Local people have always cultivated the rural areas around Florence since ancient times, thanks to the good climate and fertile lands of Tuscany. Thanks to these favorable characteristics over time, we have created crops capable of producing excellent products. One of the best-known productions and appreciated is certainly the wine.

Good drinks in Florence

The finest Tuscan wines are those of the Chianti area. In Chianti area, there are particular species of excellent varieties to get particularly suitable grapes for wine production. The millions of tourists from all over the world helped to contribute and spread Tuscan wines in the world. Many of Tuscany visitors, once back in their home countries, did not want to give up the goodness of Tuscan wines so they helped to import Tuscan wines in the world.

While visiting Florence and other Tuscan cities, in addition to degustation of the excellent wines of this region, you can taste the excellent Tuscan food. Tuscan culinary tradition is rooted in the centuries-old history of this area of ​​Italy. Among the foods present in the menus of restaurants and trattorias in Florence, there are the excellent Tuscan first dishes from the popular tradition of this area of ​​Italy. Many first Tuscan dishes made with bread.

food in florence Ribollita

Among these the most popular are the ribollita - famous Tuscan soup, l’acqua cotta – literally translated water baked, La minestra di pane or Zuppa Toscana - bread soup and the summer fresh dish, Tuscan salad called panzanella.

Salumi Tuscan Food

Among typical food of Tuscany, there are many choices of excellent cured meats, such as, salami, finocchiona soprassata and the typical Tuscan ham. These goods usually served as great appetizers before a dinner accompanied by classic crostini – little crusts, made with liver pate in Florence.

Fiorentina steak food in Florence

If you visit Florence and you love meat dishes, it is necessary to try the steak alla Fiorentina. This dish is well known and appreciated throughout the whole world. The true Florentine steak is a part of the particularly soft beef, with the bone, and then rapidly cooked on the grill so remains soft and raw in its inner part.

cantuccini and vin santo

For those who love sweets, you can find the typical Tuscan pastries. For example, cantucci –almond biscuits accompanied with Vin Santo – Saint wine. Other typical Tuscan sweet by old traditions are the castagnaccio plain chestnut flour cake and buccellato – circular cake. In addition to the sweets of the classical Tuscan tradition, there is a wide variety of cakes in Florence, but similar to ones of culinary traditions of other countries.

This wide variety of desserts is present, because Florence was quite a cosmopolitan town since ancient times; the city was an important place frequented by visitors from all over Europe.

Tuscany Food Tours

Florence Tours Without Guide - Read Our Tips

Even if you do not want a tour guide who will accompany you and tell you in an illustrious way about works of art in museums or in the streets of Florence, we can still give you some points that will help you organize your tours in Florence rationally and pleasantly.


1) Get yourself a map of Florence and calmly and quietly study it before being in the place. It's definitely easier to arrange tours in Florence in a quiet place without the inevitable confusion and rapidity, which finds you once you reach the city.To study a course you could also use one of the many interactive maps on the Internet, which also make it possible to ‘walk’ the streets and squares in Florence.


2) If you want to visit a museum, we advise to plan earlier and if possible get tickets beforehand. Especially for museums such as the Uffizi and the Accademia, as they are visited by a large number of people who end up forming long queues every day.


3) When planning a tour in Florence it is also important to plan with enough time. It is good to estimate a time frame for each visit, that allows us to make desired visits calmly and providing some breaks for rest and refreshment.


4) If we want to stop the tours with a good meal it is advisable to inquire earlier about some good restaurant or tavern who is close to the logo we decided to visit, that way you will avoid wasting time looking for the right restaurant in which eat.


5) Avoid scheduling too long tours or cover too broad area to visit at once. Visiting Florence is very nice but every street and square of this beautiful Italian city has many things to see, each of them deserves the right observing time.


Better to divide into more tours to visit Florence so this way you can pleasantly enjoy the city without stress.


6) Florence during the summer is very hot. It is better to visit the places inside while it is sunny, during the hottest hours, to go to museums where there is air conditioning. It is less hot in the mornings or late afternoons and then it is good to walk outside.


7) Considering foreign languages, is preferable to have a person in your group who speaks English correctly. English in Florence is the best-known language as in museums as in catering establishments such as bars and restaurants.


8) If you plan to use public transport, please, check the timetables, as not all the tracks are served fast enough. It is also advisable to obtain tickets in advance so you do not have to waste time looking for a store.


Florence Tours

Vasari Corridor in Florence

The Vasari Corridor is an elevated structure, which passes over the most famous sights of Florence such as the Uffizi, the Ponte Vecchio and Palazzo Pitti. Vasari Corridor houses the largest existing collections of portraits in the world.

vasari corridor in florence

The tour of the Vasari Corridor is one of the most exclusive itineraries in Florence; this route was designed to give safe passage to the rulers of Florence and royalty from all over Europe when they were in town.

During the tour of the Vasari Corridor, it is possible to see the streets and places of Florence from a unique point of view not visible from other places.

Vasari Corridor Tour

Duomo Museum in Florence

The Duomo Museum in Florence has been reopened after years of work, the museum now houses the largest collection of sacred art in the world.

The Duomo museum tour is a spectacular itinerary with important art works, like the original Gates of Paradise.

duomo museum in florence

The Duomo Museum was greatly enlarged and embellished with newly developed projects. The visit to this museum became unique and original. The Cathedral museum covers an area of ​​2000 meters divided into 25 rooms where there are works of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Duomo Museum Tour

Florence Cathedral Tour

Florence Cathedral tour is one of the most famous tour of this italian art city. Duomo is the cathedral of Florence; a magnificent architectural work, which required the work of great masters as Arnolfo di Cambio, Giotto, Francesco Talenti, Giovanni di Lapo Ghigni and Brunelleschi.

Florence Cathedral Tour

These great masters of architecture, devoted years of their lives to realize this majestic cathedral. The latest work of Florence Cathedral started in 1871 and ended in 1887. It was architect Emilio de Fabris, who projected the current facade of the Duomo.

Florence's cathedral is covered by the famous Brunelleschi Dome, a unique architectural work which is still being studied by experts worldwide.

The visit of Florence Cathedral require many hours to see many great architectural and artistic works outside and inside of this great structure.

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Inferno Tour

Inferno tour in Florence is a journey that retraces the places of the novel Inferno by Dan Brown. The novel tells a fascinating story that takes its signs from many places and events described in the historical poem of Dante Alighieri – the Divine Comedy. What is more, the long waited movie Inferno, with Tom Hanks, based on the same novel of Dan Brown, will be in cinemas in October 2016.

inferno tour in Florence

The Divine Comedy tells the descent into ultra-land of the great Florentine poet's world. Dan Brown with this novel combines the charm of a modern international intrigue with the charm of the places, which inspired the great poet Dante. Inferno tour is a unique experience that will take place in an atmosphere of mystery and art.

Inferno Tour

Duomo Museum Tour

During the Duomo Museum tour in Florence you can admire many masterpieces of Michelangelo, Donatello, Lorenzo Ghiberti, Luca della Robbia, Antonio Del Pollaiuolo, Arnolfo di Cambio, Andrea Pisano, Andrea del Verrocchio and many other Florentine artists. Their works will be exhibited permanently in the new Opera del Duomo museum in Florence, the most important collection of sacred sculpture in the world.

porta del paradiso in new duomo museum tour

Duomo museum tour Combine the best of the Middle Ages and Renaissance the museum has 25 rooms with a total area of six thousand square meters of exhibition. A place that enhences the artistic offer of the Florence Duomo Complex. It is nevertheless a unique complex by itself, showing to visitors some of the most extraordinary works of art ever created by man.

Florence Tours

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Expo 2015 and David Florence Tour

If you come to Italy to do the Expo 2015 tour you can not miss the opportunity to see in Florence the original statue of David by Michelangelo, who was also chosen as a symbol of the Italian pavilion at the Expo 2015.

In addition to this wonderful masterpiece of Michelangelo can also visit the city of Florence, one of the most beautiful and famous cities in Italy. In Florence these are only a few minutes between each of the other most visited Italian museums. Even with little time you will have the opportunity to visit Florence and its eternal beauty, thanks to the extension of the limited historical center that can be visited by walking comfortably, even with only one day available.

Our tour operator specializes in organizing Florence tours best suited to your needs, here we offer only one of our tours that can be changed to suit your needs:

MEETING WITH MADE OF TUSCANY AT THE STATION OF SANTA MARIA NOVELLA: Pick up on arrival track at 9.00am in the morning (if shared at 7.00am) to 10.00am (if shared to 8.00am) or at 11.00am (if shared to 9.00am) Milan-Florence are only two hours by train or Frecciarossa Italo. If you arrive by car instead we agree on a meeting place.

CAFFE 'WELCOME TO FLORENCE: We stop in a nice square for a coffee Florentine. This welcome in Florence will be useful to express your wishes to our guide and then find a way to satisfy the everyone.

GUIDED TOUR OF THE CITY OF FLORENCE: We go to visit the town of Florence on foot: beauties like the Piazza della Signoria, Ponte Vecchio and the beautiful Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore are waiting for us.

MICHELANGELO'S DAVID WITH BOOKING, NO QUEUE: Here there is time to see the real David by Michelangelo, the statue symbol of the Italian pavilion and sculpture of all time. A universal statue for a universal exhibition. Expo 2015!

ORIGINAL DINING: we thought of the place which is a symbol of Florentine cuisine, a place with the retro flavor and so much loved by the Florentines! A corner of Florence surprise where you can have lunch and also buy local products of our gastronomy.

LEISURE: you can spend time after lunch following your wishes and suggestions of our guide. If you look around you really have everything at hand ..... Florence so easily visited and enjoyed.

Expo 2015 and David Florence tour

 expo 2015 and david florence tour



David Florence tour for expo 2015

Florence Tours

Chianti Tour

This Chianti tour will take you to live immersed in this beautiful area on the outskirts of Florence for a day. You can enjoy the countryside, among the most beautiful of Europe, that offers unique panoramic views. You will have a feeling of peace and communion with nature… difficult to go away after having experienced this place . The Chianti tour continues with a visit to a small town that still retains all the features of this ancient tradition. We will visit a very old castle, so famous for its ancient Chianti wine production that still continues today, according to traditional principles. In this place we will also have the occasion to taste typical food of the Chianti, such as salami, ham, finocchiona, and excellent Tuscan cheess, in addition to Chianti Classico Tuscan wines.
Chianti is a hill territory bordered by the provinces of Florence, Siena and Arezzo, famous for its production of wine and well known around the world, the Chianti benefits of a mild climate and it is an ideal ground for agricultural production. It is also a countryside among the most beautiful in the world with its constant alternation between plains and hilly areas. Despite its limited extension the Chianti area offers many historical and artistic heritage with its medieval villages, castles, churches and historic churches that still today can be admired in all their beauty along this ancient land.

Chianti Tours

 chianti tour

Chianti Tour

Tuscany Tours

Tuscany Tours

Tuscany is a region that deserves to be visited not only throughout the cities such as Florence, Siena and Pisa. They are however pearls of Italian art of this region, its landscapes and its artistic and architectural works are set in a beautiful landscape. These beauties would require a long stay and a deep knowledge of the territory in order to discover things to see and do in Tuscany tours.
To optimize your visit is important to be guided by those who have a deep knowledge of the area and can communicate all the most important things to visit.
Our tourist agency has been operating successfully for many years as an organizer of Tuscany tours. We plan our guided tours meticulously paying particular attention not only as far as things to see but also taking into consideration your well-being during our tour, in addition, visiting the beauties of Tuscany, you can also try the high quality of life of this Italian region.
Tuscany is not only beautiful to visit but also flavors to try, cured meats: cheeses, meats and many other typical dishes accompanied by excellent Tuscan wines are a true excellence. Our travel agency knows how to lead you into the best Tuscan food tours, making you taste the gastronomic true flavors of Tuscany immersed in characteristic places of Tuscany.
Thanks to our long experience in the field of we are able to arrange customized tours on request providing any service to any destination on the territory, all our guides are well prepared and able to speak many languages.

Tuscany Tours

tuscany tours

Tuscany Tours

Siena Tours

Tour in Tuscany between Siena Monteriggioni and San Gimignano surrounded by the beautiful countryside of the Chianti region. Our tour in Tuscany from Florence to Siena will lead you to the ancient city along the typical medieval streets. Our guides will show you the Duomo, the Palazzo Comunale and the famous Piazza del Campo where they run the traditional Palio of Siena two times a year. In the afternoon our tour Monteriggioni in Tuscany will move to an ancient medieval fortified town, which is unique and very characteristic for the particular shape. Monteriggioni is known worldwide for its excellent wine and the beauty of the countryside that surrounds it. The landscape is rich in olive trees and vineyards besides churches and medieval castles. The tour will conclude in the beautiful San Gimignano, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, an ancient village in which you can move freely through the streets and ancient squares of the old Tuscan village tasting fine Tuscan wines.

Siena Tours

 siena tours in tuscany


Siena Tours in Tuscany

Tuscany Tours

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Villa di Collina - Luxury Holiday Villa Rental just 35 km north of Florence, in a dominant position with a magnificent view over the Tuscan countryside.

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Fattoria Montagliari: Fattoria Montagliari: wine tour, cooking classes and apartments in Chianti, Tuscany.


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Uffizi Gallery Tour

Uffizi Gallery Florence tour will show you one of the most famous art museums in the world. The Uffizi Gallery tour is one of the most important tours in Florence, Uffizi museum is definitely the most visited museum in Italy, displaying an impressive number of masterpieces ranging from the Middle Ages to the eighteenth century, with a unique collection of painting of the Renaissance. The Uffizi Gallery is the Italian most visited museum and famous in the world and collaborates with other important museums such as the Pushkin Moscow museum. Among the most famous works of the Uffizi Gallery Florence are Venus and Primavera by Sandro Botticelli, the Doni Tondo by Michelangelo, Annunciation Leonardo da Vinci and the Venus of Urbino by Tiziano, as well as the portrait of the Dukes of Urbino by Piero della Francesca and Medusa and Bacchus by Caravaggio.

Uffizi Gallery Florence


book now your uffizi gallery florence


Uffizi Gallery Tours

Florence Tours

Tuscan Food Tour

Our Tuscan food tour will explore the most traditional and characteristic parts of Florence, while indulging with Florentine specialties. We will walk through the picturesque streets of the historic center of the famous Tuscan city, admiring its most interesting monuments and sites. During our Tuscan food tour you will enjoy the famous local specialties, such as Florentine tripe and lampredotto, you will stop in the characteristics vinaini and enjoy finocchiona, a special kind of salami aromatized with fennel seeds, and the typical Tuscan crostini accompanied by excellent Chianti wine. During the tasting our guide will entertain you with stories and legends related to Tuscan food tradition. Our Tuscan food tour ends with a tasting of the famous Florentine ice cream.

The program of Tuscan food tour includes :

authorized guide

stop at a vinaino, tasting salami with a glass of wine

stop at a Lampredottaro, tasting tripe and lampredotto

stop at an ice cream shop, tasting an home-made ice cream

Tuscan Food Tours


tuscan food tour


tuscan food tour

Florence Tours

Florence Wine Tours

Our Florence wine tours will take place in the most characteristic district of Florence, the Oltrarno. This quiet and picturesque area, situated beyond the river Arno, is the perfect setting for a stroll, a glass of the famous Tuscan wine Chianti at hand, through narrow streets with artisan workshops, old squares, gardens, churches, Renaissance palaces and medieval buildings.We are familiar with places where you can enjoy a good drink and good food in Florence, during our Florence wine tour we will guide you in the joyful atmosphere of the neighborhood, enjoying a good glass of Chianti with snacks appositely prepared for us by a famous local vintner. Our Florence wine tour will then lead you back to the other side of  the city, to visit the political and religious center of Florence, with one more chance to fill up our glasses with excellent Chianti wine. Our Florence wine tours is recommended for those who want a relaxed tour in Florence, away from the major routes and crowds of tourists.

Florence Wine Tours


book now your florence wine tour


Florence Wine Tours

Florence Tours

Piazzale Michelangelo

The Piazzale Michelangelo tour is a pleasant short walk up a picturesque hill in the green outskirts of Florence, amidst cypress trees and old buildings. Once you get to Piazzale Michelangelo, you can admire a comprehensive view of Florence and its most famous monuments. The Piazzale Michelangelo is a large terrace overlooking the city built in the nineteenth century by the architect Giuseppe Poggi and dedicated to Michelangelo. In order to homage the famous sculptor, the center of the square was adorned by a bronze monument created with reproductions of works by the Florentine artist, the four Allegories from the Sagrestia Nuova of San Lorenzo and the David. The tour to Piazzale Michelangelo will also include the visit to the Romanesque basilica of San Miniato al Monte, one of the oldest churches of Florence, a medieval treasure adorned by a spectacular marble facade of the 12th century.

The tour to the Piazzale Michelangelo is recommended for those who love art, nature and open air exercise. It is advised to wear sneakers and to bring a water bottle

Piazzale Michelangelo

 piazzale michelangelo florence tour


piazzale michelangelo florence tour

Florence Tours

Accademia Gallery Tour

Accademia Gallery tour in Florence is one of the most important museum tours of this famous Tuscan city, a must-see for any Art lover. Accademia Gallery Florence houses the original statue of David by Michelangelo, masterpiece of the young Florentine artist. This impressive monument, which has become an absolute symbol of art, was transferred here, to the specially designed tribune, from Piazza della Signoria in 1873. In addition to Michelangelo's David, the Accademia Gallery Florence hosts other important works by Michelangelo, such as the impressive Slaves for Pope Julius II or the Barberini Pietà, but also a wide range of 15th and 16th century mostly Florentine paintings, originally moved here from suppressed convents to instruct art students. Accademia Gallery Florence displays also a collection of musical instruments of the Medici family and and a rich collection of Florentine paintings of the Gothic period, mostly of Giotto school.

Accademia Gallery Florence

 accademia gallery florence tour


Accademia Gallery Tours in Florence

Florence Tours

Inferno Tour by Dan Brown

Inferno tour is inspired by the famous novel by Dan Brown, Inferno. You will know a Florence shrouded in mystery and infernal atmosphere, such as the one described in the Inferno Movie of Dan Brown, inspired by the visionary travel through Hell made by the great Florentine poet Dante in his Divine Comedy; the Inferno tour created ​​by our agency will lead you in secret passages along uncommon routes, away from the classic tourist sites, in a series of twists and turns through art, science and literature. You will follow the path of the protagonist of Dan Brown's novel, Robert Langdon, penetrating into the dark and mysterious atmosphere of Dante's Hell, a experience that you would not expect to live in the city known worldwide as the cradle of civilization!

Inferno tour is available every Friday, Saturday in Italian!

Inferno Tour

 inferno tour by dan brown


Inferno Tour by Dan Brown

Florence Tours

Bargello Museum Tour in Florence

During the Bargello museum tour in Florence you can see one of the most important collections of Renaissance sculptures, including masterpieces such as the David and the San Giorgio of Donatello, Verrocchio's David and the Bacco of Michelangelo, and many other important statues by Ammannati, Cellini and Giambologna. The Bargello museum Florence is hosted in a suggestive medieval palace built in the 13th century to host the government of the city and later transformed into a prison, a place filled with history which is going to be unveiled for you by our guides. Bargello Museum hosts also a princely collection of applied arts and a small medieval treasure, Giotto frescoes in the Chapel of Mary Magdalene with a famous portrait of the great Italian poet Dante Alighieri. 

Bargello museum tour is recommended for those interested in Renaissance Art and lovers of medieval buildings of which the Bargello museum is an original example

Bargello Museum Florence

 bargello museum florence tour


Bargello Museum Tours in Florence

Florence Tours

Vasari Corridor Tour

Vasari Corridor tour is an exclusive private visit to the secret elevated passageway of the Medici Family of Florence that runs, since the 16th century, between Palazzo Vecchio and Palazzo Pitti, crossing the Arno river over the Ponte Vecchio. A stroll inside the Vasari Corridor in Florence, normally closed to the public, is an unforgettable experience to all thanks to the vip tour organized by our agency. During this vip tour, that starts from inside the Uffizi gallery and will lead you to the Boboli gardens on the other side of the river, our guide in the Vasari Corridor Tour will show you the most famous collection of self-portraits of artists in the world, including works by Titian, Veronese, Tintoretto, Rubens, but also Chagall and other contemporary artists. From the windows of the Vasari corridor you'll be able to catch unique glimpses and characteristic views of Florence seen from above.

The Vasari Corridor Tour includes also the visit to the Uffizi Gallery: an impressive journey into Painting from the Middle Ages to the eighteenth century, with breathtaking masterpieces by Giotto, Masaccio, Piero della Francesca, Sandro Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, Titian and Caravaggio. A large collection of ancient sculptures and Buontalenti's octagonal 16th century Tribuna are other highlights of what is considered the oldest museum in the world.


Vasari Corridor Tour


book now uoyr cathedral of florence tour


Vasari Corridor Tours

Florence Tours

Florence Cathedral Tour

The Florence cathedral includes masterpieces such as the Baptistery of San Giovanni, the oldest Florentine building dating back to the 7th, 8th century AD, the medieval Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, crowned by Brunelleschi's Renaissance Cupola, the underground crypt containing the remainings of the early Christian church of Santa Reparata, the elegant Giotto's Campanile (bell-tower), and finally the Opera del Duomo Museum. A collection of world famous works of art and architecture unique in its kind, ranging from early Christendom to the Renaissance.

Our Florence cathedral tour will be carried out in two hours. One of our qualified guides will show you the Baptistery with the famous Porta del Paradiso (Gates of Paradise) and then continue with the entrance into the Cathedral to discover its artistic treasures and the Crypt of Santa Reparata. After a visit to the Opera del Duomo Museum, home to works of art of immense value, including Michelangelo's Pietà, the Florence cathedral tour will end with a free access to the Campanile of Giotto and Brunelleschi's Dome, high standpoints from which you can enjoy a unique panoramic view of Florence city center seen from above. 

The visit to the complex of the Cathedral of Florence is an overwhelming immersion in the very center of Art and History, and our qualified guides will provide a very enjoyable experience for all.


Florence Cathedral


book now uoyr cathedral of florence tour


Cathedral of Florence Tours

Florence Tours

Florence Walking Tours

Our Florence walking tours follow a classic itinerary, ideal to illustrate the places and the artistic beauty of Florence, the very places and art works that made the city known worldwide as the birthplace of the Renaissance.

This Florence walking tour was thought to see and experience Florence in its entirety and in its architectural and artistic splendor .

During our Florence walking tour a qualified guide will explain the history and traditions of the city while walking unhurriedly through the largely pedestrianized streets and medieval squares. 

Places you will visit with our Florence walking tour:

The Religious Center : Cathedral of Florence (Duomo), Baptistry , Giotto's Bell Tower (Campanile di Giotto)

The Medieval Quarter : House and Church of Dante Alighieri, the Tower Houses of the Guelphs and Ghibellines

The Roman and nineteenth-century Florence : Piazza della Repubblica

The Political Center:  Piazza della Signoria, Palazzo Vecchio , the David and the Biancone (Fountain of Neptune), La Loggia dei Lanzi and its statues : the Perseus of Benvenuto Cellini, The Rape of the Sabine Women and Hercules and the Centaur by Giambologna 

The Uffizi Gallery

The Ponte Vecchio

The Oltrarno : the Pitti Palace, Piazza Santo Spirito and the Via Maggio, street of the antique dealers and art galleries

The Ponte Santa Trinita and Via Tornabuoni, the most exclusive street of luxury and fashion in Florence

This Florence walking tour is recommended for those who want a comprehensive overview of the city


book now your florence walking tours


Florence Walking Tours

Florence Tours

Our travel agency is located in Florence in via degli Alfani 23/ R within easy walking distance from the main station from any area of the historic center

Florence Tours

About us

Our tourist agency is at your disposal to guide you in an exciting tour to discover Florence and Tuscany.

We are an incoming tour operator specialized in tourism in Florence and all over Tuscany with over 20 years experience. We rely upon a team of professional guides capable of leading tours to discover the city in a stimulating and exciting way.

In the course of the years, we developed a service combining traditional tours to activities for companies, such as incentive and corporate events, becoming a leader in tourist sector.


Made of Tuscany has more than 200 official tour guides in Florence and throughout Tuscany. Our guides will accompany you into the middle of the history and art in Florence and Tuscany with traditional tours and new tours in a nice and exciting way. Our official tour guides speak all possible languages, from the classical to the rare languages. Made of Tuscany is a winning team that helps  the visitor to enjoy Florence and Tuscany.


Florence Tours

Florence Tours

We are an Italian tour operator we know very well what to do in Florence and we offering a great selection of Florence tours for important attractions such as: The Uffizi, Accademia gallery, Vasari Corridor, Bargello museum, Florence Cathedral (also known as the Duomo), and all art sites of Tuscany.

David by Michelangelo in Accademia Gallery of Florence

Firenze is considered the cradle of the Renaissance, during our guided Florence tours, knowledgeable guides will explain to you  the most vantare masterpieces and monuments in town, focusing your attention on their celebrated artistic, historical and social values, but also revealing less known anecdotes and curiosities.

Our tour operator also organizes Florence tours to discover Tuscany wine and culinary excellence:

Wine and food tours will let you enjoy the best wines and the healthy Tuscan food, known throughout the world for their combination of excellent taste and respect of the tradition.

But our tour operator offers not only art and cuisine. We also organize leisure-oriented Florence tours activities, such as visiting the historical city center by traditional horse-coaches, segway, bike-taxi and eco-cars.


Florence Tours Without Guide - Read Our Tips


 Florence tours


Tours last minute service


Already here and do not know where to go ? Ask to us what to do in Firenze 

Call our touristic agency for a professional Florence tour


Are you in the centre of city and would like to have more detailed explanations about museum, monuments, squares and architectural and artistic works ? 

Call our tourist agency, we can organize and send you a professional guide at the last minute.


Are you just arrived in town and do not know what to do in Florence ? 

call us one of our guides will inform you about our florence tours or will listen to you to create a customized tour according to your requests


Are you already inside a museum and would like to have more information about works of art that are in the museum you're visiting ? 

Call us, within one hour we can send you a guide that will make you know detailed information of museum that you visit


Made of Tuscany know that tourists often get into the museums with the intention of making a visit without a guide, but often are confused by the presence of many artistic works so they start to feel the need for a guide that would give a logical order during their visit to the museum our incoming agency, has realized a special service that allows visitors to have a guide reaching them within one hour from reservation call.


Call the number: 055 218717

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please indicate: Name - Place - Time - Num Cell - language

Our guide will meet you within one hour from your call

During our tours our guides speak: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portughese


Florence Tours by Made of Tuscany

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Florence Tours