The Medicean Tapestries Return to Florence After 150 years

The Medicean tapestries return to florence are finally back in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence after a century and a half of absence. The famous tapestries belonged to the dynasty of Medici and were separated in between of Florence and Rome. They were on display in the Qurinale.

A part of the Medicean tapestries was brought to Rome in 1882 at the behest of the Savoy who wanted to decorate the halls of the Quirinale with these majestic works.

Medicean tapestries in Palazzo Vecchio

The twenty splendid Medicean tapestries inspired by the life of Joseph are now reunited and will be exhibited in the hall of the 200 in Palazzo Vecchio. Because of the huge size of those Medici tapestries will be rolled and kept in the Hall of the two hundreds, where the municipal assembly has meetings.

These majestic tapestries were made for Cosimo de 'Medici who was particularly fond of the figure of Joseph. In the life of this figure Cosimo saw a certain resemblance to the Medici family events. Cosimo de Medici founded a real manufactory to carry out such works and it was among the first in Italy to realize tapestries.

Medicean tapestries in Florence

The collection of the Medici tapestries are among the most important Renaissance works of this kind. The precious collection was woven by the Flemish master Jan Rost and Nicolas Karcher that followed the drafts and sketches by some of the most important artists of the Renaissance : Agnolo Bronzino, Jacopo Pontormo and Francesco Salviati.

The collection is made up of twenty tapestries, most of them, 16 were made according to Bronzino drawings , Pontormo gave three drawings while only one is due to the Salviati.