Florence Art

Florence art can appear in many ways. In this gorgeous Italian city there is an incredibile number of monuments, sculptures, paintings and different kind of objects created by the most important Italian artists of the past.

Beyond the artistic works and the most important places there's another Florence too, which is rarely mentioned in the main touristic tours but which is very interesting to know and visit anyway.

In Florence historical centre every square and every street has its own past full of history and art. The names of these places come from the ones of old families or characters who devoted their life to this Italian city, contributing to make Florence famous and appreciated all over the world.

Florence Art

Walking down the streets and the squares of Florence you can still admire historical signs and stores: some of them are a hundred years old. Today, historical artisan workshops working wood, leather and fabrics can still be found in some areas of the city centre.

These skilled artisans, inspired by traditional florentine decorations, create unique objects which can only be found in Florence. One of the most significant and prestigious examples of artisan workshops can be found on the Ponte Vecchio where still today the ancient gold ateliers are located.

Market of San Lorenzo in Florence

Another very characteristic place of Florence is the colorful Market of San Lorenzo. This area of the city hosts a permanent open air market where stands follow one another offering any kind of items.

Items in leather are the typical product of this market, attracting thousands of people from all over the world. In the middle of San Lorenzo Market there's the indoor Central Market, a place where many stands sell culinary products such as bread, fresh fish, excellent Tuscan meat, typical cheeses, fruit and vegetables, Tuscan wines and other typical food.

This place is a paradise for all those who want to taste excellent Tuscan (and not) food.